My Happy Place Essay

There’s always a time in everyone’s life where things don’t seem to happen like they want them to, or you’re just not having a good day. Everyone has a place they retreat to for comfort and happiness. It could be somewhere far or in own backyard. No matter where it is, it’s someplace that you enjoy being and my happy place is my horse barn.

I started riding as soon as I could walk. My mom grew up riding and also worked at Palm Beach Polo in Wellington, Florida where I got very involved with horses.

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My Happy Place Essay
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When I was three I started lessons and every Monday through Thursday you could find me working on learning how to ride like my mom. By the time I was seven I was showing and barrel racing. I continued racing until I was fourteen. At the New York State Fair in 2009 I was showing when my horse collapsed on me and I shattered my shoulder.

That ended my racing career.

Ever since my accident I’ve found a sort of comfort in the barn. My horses always understand me. They know when I’m upset, happy, and when I need somebody there for me. When I walk into the barn I feel a sense of calmness and happiness. I can lie in a stall on a bale of hay for hours and talk to my horses about everything and anything. It’s a place of tranquility for me. Even though they can’t talk back, I know they understand. It’s just someplace I can go to get away from everything just for a little while.

While some people travel thousands of miles, some go out of town, and some find happiness at their own home, my happy place means more to me than any vacation. My barn is a soothing, peaceful place to come and get away for any amount of time.

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