My First Time on a PlaneMy heart was beating out my chest Essay

My First Time on a Plane

My heart was beating out my chest as I walked through the doors of Glasgow airport. We were invited on a trip to Florida by family friends a few months previously. Walking through the doors for the first time was paralyzing. My fear of flying became worse and worse every step I took.

I woke up early that morning full of worry. I think it had something to do with all the Air Crash Investigation I was watching on the weeks leading up to the flight.

I made sure all my stuff was packed and ready to go and that was it, we left around 5.30 am for the airport and I couldn’t get the thought of dying in a plane of my head. Along with sitting next to my brother who was in an irritable and annoying mood, made the trip even more difficult.

I was clutching my bag as I walked towards the check in desk.

We had to wait in a very long line, I was thankful I had my mum to help me calm down slightly. After check in it was off to security

I watched out the window of the departure lounge as I watched the planes take-off I was mesmerized, but also scared knowing a plane could crash at any time. I went to the nearest shop to buy some chocolate but as I did, I couldn’t help noticing the people around me, they were acting as if it was just another day. I couldn’t understand their state of peace.

About an hour later we walked towards the gate my legs getting shakier and shakier after every step I took. While boarding my family were laughing and joking with each other like it was no big deal. I was behind them terrified to death. One of the flight attendants at the gate could tell I was nervous and reassured me that I was flying with some of the best pilots in the world

Once we were on the plane and found our seats, I could only do one thing. Look for the lifejackets and oxygen masks! Everyone was seated, and the pilot came over the speaker and announced that we were about to take off. As the engines roared my eyes popped open wide, I took a deep breath and grabbed the seat handle tightly. I got more and more worried every second the plane moved the only thought going through my head was the I was going to die.

As soon as we reached cruising altitude I began to calm down and played a film on the tiny screen placed in front of me. The thought of dying quickly left my mind, the clouds outside made me feel like I was in heaven. Although these feelings were fast to return when the pilot came over the speaker and reported that everyone should expect turbulence. My mind quickly races back to me watching Air Crash Investigation, most of the crashes began with turbulence. My heart was ready to explode as the plane began to bounce around. Ten minutes later everything smoothed out and I relaxed again.

When we landed, I felt a feeling of relief knowing I was about to get out of the cylindrical death trap. I left the plane and immediately felt the Florida heat and all my previous thoughts left my mind and I was now focused on having fun.

In retrospect, I realise how irrational I had been, but what else could I have expected? I’d only have watched every episode of Air Crash Investigation. Now, every time I think back to this first flight I can only laugh.

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