My favorite place is when I went to Shawn Mendes’ concert It Essay

My favorite place is when I went to Shawn Mendes’ concert. It was my second time seeing someone I look up to and admire. It was on 25th of November at Spark arena when I was given an amazing opportunity to go and see him with my sister and her friend.

The evening began when we were dropped off at the event. There was a couple of entrances that was sectioned by letters. We looked at our ticket and went to the right line.

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My favorite place is when I went to Shawn Mendes’ concert It Essay
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But before we went and joined the others, we first looked through where they were selling his merch. When we finally spotted it, we squirmed through the crowd of people towards it and waited in line for our turn. When it was our finally turn, I looked through the products that they sold and bought one that I liked. It was a 3 in one bracelet. One of the bracelets contains his name, the other one has his initials and the last one is was just a simple baby blue bracelet without any contents written in it.

After we have bought the merch, we were passing through the people to get in line for the main event. If you’ve ever been somewhere where there, are big crowds of people. You would know that you are most likely to get in contact with a stranger shoulder to shoulder. As you looked around you could see people’s faces with positivity oozing out of them as they waited impatiently in the line so see their favorite artist.

When it was our time to get into the main building, we first went through security check after that we showed them our tickets and we went in.

We were finally inside the arena.

You could immediately notice the enormous ball hanging off the ceiling, that was projecting a moon. The room was dimmed and looked like it was night.

We didn’t really know where our seat was, so we looked for staff to help us locate where our seat was. They looked at our tickets and told us to follow them. We finally seated at our seats. Our seat was on the upper story of the building. You could see anything and everything below. As you glanced around you could see many different lights illuminating from different places. I was mostly coming from the ceiling and the stage.

The place started to dim out and I immediately knew it was time that he was going to come out. Everyone started screaming frantically including me when his music started pumping through the gigantic speakers that was scattered around the arena. As he came through the crowd only got louder to the point where you couldn’t even hear yourself.

My heart was pounding so fast as I sang my heart out with every song he played. I almost felt like I was going to lose my voice the next day

There were so many emotions that was running through me that night, that I couldn’t even comprehend what was happening. I was having the best night of my life with my favorite artist with my sister and the thousands of strangers that came and saw Shawn Mendes.

As the night comes to an end my adrenalin slowly disintegrates as well. As he sings his final songs, I began to feel sad yet happy. Because of this one in a life time opportunity that most people could only dream of.

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