My Expectations for English This Year Essay

I am very happy to be taking English this year. I have strengths I wish to expand on and weaknesses to improve. I have two main goals for this class this year. I hope with the help of my teacher and classmates I can make the most of this class. I am interested in English in many areas. For beginners, I would like to read novels. In the past, I would choose to read short, young adult books. Now I believe I am ready to read harder, more advanced books.

I used to dread writing assignments, but I have come to realize writing is part of life. I just have to do it. Overall I enjoy English class. I have more weaknesses than strengths when it comes to English. My strengths are reading well, brainstorming ideas for writing assignments, and turning homework in on time. I can read well, but the trouble comes when I need to understand what I read.

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My Expectations for English This Year Essay
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When it comes to writing, I have trouble expressing the words in a unique way. Finally, my grammar could use improvement in areas such as spelling and punctuation. After much consideration, I have come up with two goals that I hope to achieve from this class. The first one is to become a better, more advanced writer. I choose this goal because I feel communication is the key to life. In order to communicate well, I need to be able to write and read. That brings me to my second goal: to be able to get the most out of what I read. I want to be able to understand what I read. Accomplishing these goals will help me prepare for college. I am looking forward to writing a lot of stories, essays, and journal entries this year. I also am excited about reading novels to expand my reading level. I hope to achieve my goals. In doing all this and with practice, I hope to be well prepared for college.

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