My Cozy Room Essay

My favorite place is my bedroom because it’s the more comfortable place in my house when I’m tired and not feeling the best or maybe even need to relieve stress, I can go to my room and lay down and relax. My room is very spacious, quiet, relaxing, and cozy, I admire my room a lot because I can use my imagination while I just lay down in bed and close my eyes and think about things that are exciting.

My room speaks a peaceful haven to me, my walls are light pink with matching boarder around the walls, with matching hello kitty comfortable set which make my room stand out a lot along with my pink pillows that my grandmother made for me years ago before she died in 2006 that I just cherish the most and won’t trade my pillows for anything in the world.

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My Cozy Room Essay
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My room is a common bedroom with a bed, TV, DVD player, stereo, laptop, and a fish tank, and a bookshelf with a lot of lovely books and magazine that I love to read.

My room has a calming color along with a clean strawberry scent that I have always loved to vaporize my room with a wonderful scent, because the smell of the scent helps me to stay focus with whatever I’m doing and to just relax peacefully without any concern. My room gives a sense of security in a way that I can control who goes in and out my room, because my room holds all of my personal belongings which is very important to me, because I have things that can benefit me now and in the future, and my kids will probably benefit from some of my personal belongings in the near future.

I can also go to my bedroom when I need to study for a quiz or submitted an assignment before midnight for school. I also can go to my room if I just want privacy by shutting my door and locking it, and telling others to do not disturb. I love the view that I have from my bedroom, because my window faces he water feature in my apartment complex hat makes it so beautiful to look out the window day or night and to be able to stand on the balcony and view he freeway is just wonderful to see the traffic in the morning with people and their cars bumper to bumper going and coming from work.

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