Multipurpose Educational Kiddie Essay

Chapter 1


Change is the only thing that is constant in this world. So people nowadays, have so many ideas that tend to make our life easier. Innovation is the answer with simple thing can be turned into something more functional than it was before. Like a Multipurpose Educational Kiddie Chair furniture, kids chair is familiar to all people and in our culture that are connected with the idea of comfort. . There so many trendy and modern designs of kid chair appears or invented today that have its own innovative design.

The Multipurpose Educational Kids Chair is the most useful to everyone when it comes to studying and reading . This Multipurpose Educational Kids Chair is fun and enjoyable and also this attractive when the children see the Multipurpose Educational Kids Chair. This is important in our everyday life.

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Multipurpose Educational Kiddie Essay
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Background of the Study

The Multipurpose Educational KiddieChair designed for homes and school. It is designed to keep kids active when they are sitting, reading and playing.

This is usually use for playing the kids after he/she done to reading or eating etc.


The focal point of the study is to design and enhance a Multipurpose Educational Kids Chair. Specially, it aimed to obtain the following objectives;

To develop and innovate a new design of kiddie chair

To study the ordinary kiddie chair and what other purposes can be incorporated in it.

To describe how to use Multipurpose Educational Kids Chair and how to assemble it.

Significance of the Study

It is important to conduct the study of a Multipurpose Educational Kids Chair to enhance its ability and benefits more people. The result of the study will be great benefit to the following.

To the Person needs properly cooked meals. This study is for those need to get their eating ,studying and reading.

To the Child. Few studies have been conducted on whether Multipurpose Educational Kids Chair affect child’s performance. As a child we want a comfortable chair when we doing something like eating, reading, etc. Precisely most of all children’s can’t buy ordinary kiddie chair.

To the Person needs osteopathic treatment. This study is perfect for natural therapy who those have: a back pain, trapped nerves, stiff neck, low back pain, leg pain, hip, thigh, and knee or any pain during swimming to the beach , pool, or any injury problems has an ability to osteopathy for relief.

To the Future researchers. This study is contribution for the future researchers. This researchers will be useful reference for those who would plan to make a related study precisely the standard underlying the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Technology major in Industrial Design .Overall, this research study will significance all people and I contributed this study for the usefulness in the society.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to develop and innovate a new design of picnic basket that can be used as a mini table or beach bed.

Specifically, this study will aim to answer the following questions:

What product can be produced which can be used as a mini table or beach bed?

What are the other functions of Convertible Picnic Basket compared to an ordinary picnic basket?

What is the level of acceptability of Convertible Picnic Basket in terms of:

. Durability;

Functionality; and

Aesthetic? Presented to

Multipurpose Educational Kids Chair

This Thesis

By :Jasper Fabricante2019

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