Inclusive criteria

The types of study eligible for this review include observational studies in human subjects, and systematic reviews of multimorbidiy in hospitalised patients. There will be no restrictions on where the studies took place.

Types of outcome measured:

The outcomes that will be included in this review are:

  • Length of stay on hospital.

In the conduction of this study the PRISMA guideline for reporting systematic review will be used (, 2016)

The search will take place on Medline and Embase,

the search started from 1990 the justification for the year is that the concept of multimorbidity is a recent emerging concept . secondly, the interest in the burden of multimorbidity in hospitals is a recent trend .

The reference list of included studies will be checked to find any future potential studies. Finally, the International Research Community on Multimorbidity, which produces a library of Multimorbidity publications that is updated frequently, and do their search on pubmed and the journal of comorbidity will be researched, 2016)

Search terms followed a PICO so there are terms for population , Exposure , outcomes and study designSearch terms built by looking at systematic review on primary care, check the papers I already have onmultimorbidity on hospitalized patients on  the data base such as MEDLINE and see which Mesh terms attached to it. also looked at this website as they are developing a guidance on Multimorbidity

the terms was designed using some. truncations( in a table write the symbol and what it means) they are ($ , * search for the same word with different suffix )( ? which the wild card refers to zero or one litter used also in different spilling(add an example). The sign / in the end of the word means that it is a Mesh term , Mesh term means MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) is the (U.S.) National Library of Medicine’s controlled vocabulary thesaurus and is used for indexing articles for MEDLINE . It is a set of terms naming descriptors in a hierarchical structure that enables you to search at various levels of specificity. If the word ended with .tw. it means text word which will give the order to search the titles and abstract for each paper . the ending.ab. will serch just on the abstract and the adding .ti. will search on the title


to combine terms from the same group we use OR and to combine terms from different groups we use  AND ( an example )and to exclude certain group from the search we combined the search line with NOT the group we are not looking for . the search was first preformed in Medline then transfer to run the same search on Embasefinally the search was saved in Ovid

the total number of studies is 4401 after filtering the title and abstract is was 500 after reading the full text it was 50 please draw a flow chart for it as well

MS Excel was used to develop a data extraction template. I will add the template so it will be an appendix

Quality assessment tool adaptive from Cochran for cohort studies and modified to suit cross sectional studies appendix

Data will be synthesized narratively

I know it is so unorganized i need proper structure and organization and to to extended it to 7 pages

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