Multimedia Composition

For the first part of the project, you’ll look back on your writing for the course and choose a key idea, topic, or issue that you think other people need to know about. Then you’ll compose a brief multimedia text to inform people about your topic and perhaps even encourage them to take action on it.

Here’s an example: maybe for Writing Project 1, you wrote a series of vignettes about helping to care for your grandmother who has dementia. For Writing Project 4, you could create a 60-second video that gives advice to teenagers dealing with a similar situation. Or maybe for Writing Project 3, you explored how to talk with young children about death. For Writing Project 4, you could create an infographic to share what you learned with other parents.

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Multimedia Composition
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Types (genres) of multimedia texts you might create for this assignment include:

  • an infographic
  • a short video/movie
  • a poster
  • a short podcast
  • a short brochure
  • a flyer
  • a web page
  • a comic strip
  • a mock-up of a billboard
  • an advertisement
  • a Public Service Announcement (PSA)
  • a presentation slide deck
  • a photo montage
  • and others!

Whatever medium you choose, think in terms of a “short-form” composition: something relatively brief, something that you can create in a relatively short timeframe.

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