Movie Analysis: New Moon from the Twilight Saga Essay

In the movie New Moon the mise-en-scene is about a women named Bella who has survived an attack on her life and she is torn by love between two man but they aren’t average men. When Bella goes to celebrate her birthday with her love Edward’s family but Edward’s family who are vampires and cut her finger and she was attacked by members of his family. Edward decides that it isn’t safe for Bella to be with him so he tells her to stay away.

Bella heartbroken goes to the comfort of her friend Jacob so she can be reckless because when she reckless she see and hears Edward’s voice.

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Movie Analysis: New Moon from the Twilight Saga Essay
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When she is in her reckless period she starts having feeling for Jacob. While That Bella just doing dangerous stuff to hurt Edward. The filmmaker shows Bella drawn out depression from losing her love and shows the pain and suffering that she is going threw the seasons and months.

He show the progression of her depression. Once Bella realized that if she did stuff dangerous that she would see a flash of Edward telling her to stop it’s not safe. Even though undefined, The editing of this film made it seem more realistic and more believable.

Like in the cliff diving scenes, the water as seen as an bird’s eye view. The scene looks like a bad photo shot but I think it makes it look more realistic and more creepy. Also like in the scene when Alice is inviting Bella to the party but then you see Jasper trying to use mind control on Bella but it is stated that vampires powers don’t affect Bella, but in this scene I think it’s kind of cute that Jasper is trying to convince Bella to go to her own party. I don’t think it was made to look like Jasper was using his power, I think it was more of him making her feel uncomfortable until she said yes.

The music in this film allowed to kind of feel the heart beat of the character or feel their anticipation. The song “The Violet Hour” by Sea Wolf which plays at Bella’s birthday party it makes you feel the happiness, worry, frighten, etc. Right when Bella get the paper cut you could feel the worry threw the music. Then once she realizes they are coming from her you can feel how frighten Bella is. Another scene is when Bella’s in the garage with Jacob building a motorcycle the song plays “Shooting the Moon” by OK Go it makes you feel the pain and crushing, the flirting, etc.

The feelings I received from this film at times were unreal. I could feel Bella’s depression threw the months. I could feel her crushing on jacob. The feeling from what I received from this film made it so I could put myself into Bella’s shoes. I also did have a biases coming into watching the Twilight series because I had already started watching True blood so, I was kind of expecting more action and adventure then what Twilight provided. After watching Twilight though I feel that I enjoy the more romance aspect then the action version.

The cinematography at times were hard to pick up on, once I watched the movie a few more times what I saw seem amazing. Like when Bella is dreaming about see her “ grandma “ and she goes to introduce Edward to her “ grandma “ but the she realizes it her own reflects in the mirror of her in the future. Another couple scenes that were great was when the flashes of Edward telling Bella to stop, or don’t do this the way they made Edward look like a ghost was crazy. I also like the fact that the movie is most dim to dark the whole movie. Some information about the film.

This film was shot in Front Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, Montepulciano, Siena, Tuscany, Italy, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and its release date 20 November 2009. I think what may have influence the release of this may have due to television show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, True Blood, etc. Most television and movies now involve a male vampire with a human female who lust over them. This film had a few genres it falls into which are Romance, Action, Adventure.

I believe that this particular movie falls more into the Romance genre area because it has relationship ups and downs and than theres a happy ending where the couple is living happy together. So with that said I believe that this movie is typical genre. After all that said the film Twilight: New Moon was a amazing movie. From its emotional storyline to it’s amazing imaging. This movie made it seem more realistic that people can transform into many different things and to find true love with some one who isn’t considered normal but is beautiful in your eyes. I would recommend this film to everyone I know.

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