motivational techniques in teaching Essay

The term Motivation differ from one to another , NEVID has Defined motivation as the process that initiates , guides, and maintains goal directed behaviors it is the way of behavior , the wants that control behavior and spell out what we do , A motive is always hidden As well as Motivation requires our biological , psychological , social and intellectual which activates our behavior . Everyone agreed that motivation is what causes a person to have the desire to repeat a behavior; it is some kind of internal drive which pushes someone to do things in order to achieve something, motivation can be either intrinsic or extrinsic.

( types of motivation :There are two major types of motivation intrinsic and extrinsic , intrinsic is when individual’s motivational stimuli are coming from within while the extrinsic motivation is when the individual’s motivational stimuli are coming from outside .( Intrinsic : This type of motivation happens when the motive come from inside the person , it is an internal behavior that stimulate the individual to act in a specific manner .

It is biological it contains some most basic psychological needs of human beings such as hunger, thirst, sleep, relief , oxygen , temperature , and self-preservation and you name it . For instance ; A person who study Korean , he is motivated to learned it he studies it for no other reason than the inner sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in other word learn it because he truly wants . As well as , Intrinsic motivation is stimulated by curiosity , challenge , adventure , personal interest duty and desire . 1.2- Extrinsic :This type of motivation happens when the motive come from outside of the person . It is an outside behavior that stimulate the individual for certain actions. It refers to the achievement of a task for accomplishing an outcome , it is based on two basic external drives sick pleasure reward and avoid pain punishment . Extrinsic motivation is stimulated by incentives fear outside circumstances peer competitions deadlines and social approval .As we have seen that intrinsic motivation comes from within the individual , thus a person might be motivated by the enjoyment of the learning process itself or by a desire to make themselves feel better . However , Extrinsic is the results of many numbers of outside factors.II- Motivational teacher strategies: 1- The motivation Angle :In the north of the England, outside the city of Gateshead , there is a remarkable statue by Antony Gormley , the 20 meter high Angle of the north , this Angle provide people with a satisfying metaphor to carry out with the hindrances that teaching encounter in terms of motivation . Alan Rodgers said that .. we forgot that initial motivation to learn may be weak and die ; alternatively it can be increased and directed into new channels ” ( Rogers 1996) Which means that teachers have the capability to know how or whether pupil stay motivated after whatever initial interest they brought to the class has disappeared thus teachers have the ability to creat motivation in students where originally there is no motivation . Furthermore, The Angle needs to be created in five strong bases of extrinsic motivation .2- Types of the motivation Angle:2.1- Affect :It interested in pupils feelings while teachers may have a dramatic outcome on the students . In an interview of (harmer 2007 ) some eleven year old students a good teacher is someone who asks the people who don’t always put their hands up and a good teacher is someone who knows our names’ that is students stay motivated when thinking that the teacher pay attention to his students then when teachers care about their students and help them he comes up with the attention and the interest of the students in the class .2.2- Achievement : Success is the key of motivation and continual failure is the facture that demotivate students . It is considered as a teacher’s art , consequently he has to make sure that pupils are successful , the more that their success carry on the more they will stay motivated to learn . Nevertheless , students must do some efforts because success without efforts is not motivating at all . if they are receiving everything easily the value of studying will be lost and the reverse when success is so hard to maintain . Pupils need to feel that sensation of achieving an aim by encountering some hindrances and not by going bust in the process . 2.3- Attitudes :What is known is that students don’t obey the orders of their kind teachers , expect if students trust their teacher professional abilities and competences what students need is to believe that the teacher knows what he is doing and he worths to have this job . This impression that is given to student starts from the teacher’s first day of teaching because of the pupils observation of the teacher attitude to the job , they make these judgments according to the way the teacher dress , the way he moves on the class . Students to know from their observations consciously or unconsciously that the teacher is competent and ready to teach . That is to say , that confidence between the teacher and the student is an important factor because if the student trust the teacher , the pupil pay attention in the class and if not , it is more difficult for both sides to sustain the motivation they have started with . 2.4- Activities : One of the reason that catch the attention of the students and motivate them are activities , while doing activities in the class pupils enjoy the things that they are doing, activities give them an extraordinary motivation which push them to work hard and to be an active member in the class . Actually , most of the time students enjoy only activities which involve games as communication , challenging and other interactive games . In any classroom we have a different categories of students for instance some students want to play Bingo , others want to sing a song while others are mostly motivated by playing words across . Thus teachers needs to find the right activities that will be suitable to the students that he is teaching in order to keep the students eyes focused on the lessons and let them feel that they are more engaged and active in the lessons . The only thing that the teacher should avoid is to play a game with his students that doesn’t respect the learning process , the game should be played to help and to scratch the lesson on the students minds.2.5- Agency :This term is hired from social sciences (Taylor 1977, Frankfurt school 1988, Belz 2002 ) , It means something identical to the agent of a passive sentence , according to some grammarians , the person or thing that does’ .Most of the time in class student do their homework therefore they don’t risk to be an apathetic recipient of whatever task passed along .Even so , teachers must be attentive in whatever thing done by the students .Students who have agency , they are able to know what is going on and for this reason they take responsibility for their studies . for example ; while student is talking and making a spelling or grammatical mistakes , the teacher should give the student a chance to correct himself. JJ Wilson proposes that wherever possible students should be given the ability to make decisions. JJ Wilson wants to hand the students the class responsibilities by making them an ownership of class materials , letting them write on the board or control CD player (Wilson 2005) . According to Jenny de Sonneville , it is better to be a creative teacher and thinking of a creative design that will catch the students attention and interests in which the students are empowered to take a more active role in the course design'(2005:11) , than writing traditionally on the board . For Lesley Painter, gives the students the ability to choose the homework they wanted and needed to work in which was here key of motivating her pupils to do the homework that was given to them (Painter 1999). The real agency is placed when students take responsibility to study by their own . The more the students are given agency the more they stay motivated for a long period .At last but not least , as we have seen the motivation angle is one of the important strategies in teaching , it includes all the aspects that the teacher should be aware of ; for instance , in affect the teacher should care of the feelings of the students which end up with a high stander of motivation , aslo in activities the teacher should have an idea about the students’ needs and tendencies in order to perform the appropriate game that cover the students’ needs .

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