Moral responsibility and psychopathy of virginia tech assign Sueng Hui Cho

It is imperative that the writer reads and understands the attached 10 pages paper titles “philosophy-COLLEGE.” These 8 pages are to be an extension of this paper which I have already written. Please see attachment for the paper. The writer should read the paper to understand the topic, and extend the paper where indicated with the following guidelines:

These 8 pages will discuss the moral responsibility of the Virginia Tech assassin, Sueng-Hui Cho. The main theory of moral responsibility that will be applied to this case is basic “desert” theory. [please see attachments for handouts from the class]. Please summarize and explain basic desert theory, providing examples along the way. After summarizing, apply the theory to Sueng-Hui Cho, and argue that he is at least partially responsible under basic desert theory. The concept of free will and his mental illness (as described in the paper that needs to be extended.) should be tied into this argument.

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Moral responsibility and psychopathy of virginia tech assign Sueng Hui Cho
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Please also briefly compare and describe two other theories of moral responsibility: incompatiblism and determinism with basic desert theory. This part should take up no more than 2-3 pages.

These 8 pages should be written in such a way that they flow smoothly from the 10 pages already written. Please use and provide 3 sources. This should be written at a graduate level.

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