Montclair State University Essay

Negative changes in financial conditions can disturb even the most flexible individual. Mixed this with a death of a loved one and one is more likely to perform below expectations. These were the events that led to the drop in my GPA. In the Fall of 2004, my father informed me that he would stop providing for my education. This had been a surprise since because he promised to help me out with my studies until I finish college. He was doing well financially that I couldn’t understand why he made that decision.

He didn’t even offer an explanation and he refused to talk to me about it.

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Montclair State University Essay
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In a snap of a finger, he had cut me off his life. After that massive blow, I get myself together and went on with my life. I took two jobs to pay for my education. I lived with my grandparents to save on the rent. I struggled to finish the school year out and I did.

However, the new role that I have to assume, that is being the sole provider for myself had stressed me so much that my GPA suffered. And as they say, when it rains, it pours. In 2005, my grandmother died and my grandfather was diagnosed with a lung cancer. I spent the year coping with what seemed to me a mocking twist of fate.

During that time, my main goal was to survive each day. I was oblivious to what is happening around me. The plans I had for my future seemed to belong to another lifetime. Fortunately, in January 2006, things began to pick up. I started to do some volunteer work. During my free time, I am a volunteer EMT for the Maplewood first aid squad. I loved it from the moment I started. It gave me a new zest for life. Helping others made me feel good about myself. I realized that I can always be of service to others despite my own constraints.

Fate rewarded this effort after a few months. In September 2006, I became a visiting student in Montclair State University for the school year 2006-2007. I was anxious at first but I soon found my place. It felt like coming come. During my stay as a visiting student, the students and the faculty members of Montclair University didn’t treat me as outsider. They were very warm and friendly. They made me want to stay. This is my reason for wanting to transfer to this university. My stay also provided me with a glimpse of the quality of education in MSU.

And based on my experience, I would say that MSU offers a high quality education at an affordable price. Given my current situation, I believe that transferring to this university is the best investment I could make for my future. I also think that I could be a good investment for MSU if it admits me as I am a very determined, hardworking and innovative person. These were the qualities that made me triumph over adversity and I believe that these same traits would make me excel in whatever field I have chosen for myself.

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