Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Speech Essay

In this 3 – minute speech, you need to promote a product or an idea to your audience. You must use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to organize your materials. Some research is required to support your claims. Use this sheet as your guide to organize your thoughts and as your notes to present. Turn this in after your presentation.

Attention: Please use a hypothetical scenario, a story, a question, a quote, or other ways to get the audience’s attention. Have you ever skipped breakfast before? If you Google the term “skip breakfast,” more than 10 million results turn up, often with information about how eating breakfast is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But why do you still skip the breakfast?

Need/Problem: Please demonstrate there is a problem or an unfulfilled need that has detrimental effect on the audience. Use research data to support that claim. * (Sp1) “I want to lose weight.”

“I’m on diet,” is a common excuse for people who skip breakfast.

This is actually counterproductive. According to Jane Harrison, R.D., Staff Nutritionist at Web site myOptumHealth, people who eat a balanced breakfast less tend to obesity. They are more likely to avoid a drop in blood sugar that will lead them to make unwise food choices later in the day. * (Sp2) “I don’t have time to eat.”

“I don’t have time,” is another excuse of people who don’t eat breakfast. Considering the health benefit of breakfast, it is worth setting the alarm to wake you five minutes earlier. * (Sp3) “I don’t feel hungry in the morning.”

“I’m not hungry in the morning,” is a common refrain of people looking to skip breakfast. For these people, the American Dietetic Association recommends: “Start your day with a cup of 100 percent fruit juice or a piece of whole-wheat toast.” Most people can get that down. Later, when you feel hungry, they recommend having a mid-morning snacks.

Satisfaction/ Solution: Please tell us how this problem can be solved or how this need will be fulfilled. Cereal bars is your optimal choice.

* (SP1): Cereal bars could help you lose weight.

Eating cereal in the morning can remain a balanced blood-sugar level, which can decrease hunger throughout the day so by lunchtime and onwards, you tend to eat less and keep a clear mind to make wise choice for lunch and dinner. * (SP2): Cereal bars could save you time on preparing breakfast. Assembling a full breakfast may be a challenge for someone with a tight schedule, and many people believe that breakfast is an important meal, so cereal bars fill the need. * (SP3): Cereal bars could be a healthy mid-morning snacks. People can also snack on a cereal bar in the middle of the day, with some people carrying cereal bars so that they can keep their blood-sugar under control.

Visualization: Please describe what life would be like for the audience if this problem is solved and this need is fulfilled.

You can enjoy a healthy breakfast help you to lose weight.
You can set your alarm 10 minutes later to wake you up.
You can enjoy the delicious snack whenever you want.

Action: Please urge your audience to take specific action to address this issue. Reemphasize that the world/ their life would be better if they do. Anytime, anywhere, Ready to go.

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