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Mohammad SharafifarNatalie AnklesariaSES224 Online20 Feb. 2016 The G.O.P.’s Feminine Mystique (By Samantha Bee October 20, 2012)This article explores the way in which women activists and the feminist strategies contribute to and shape the meaning and pursuit of environmental justice. It shows how methods associated with feminism have contributed to the movement’s premier concerns in social and have prompted creative ways to identify. According to the a recent study out of the U.C.L.A. Department of Psychology “Female politicians with stereotypically feminine facial features are more likely to be Republican than Democrat.

This is the first part that come in my mind who the author make the subject less uncomfortable and make the article humor, when liberal women are more likely to be raging feminism’s and raging feminism’s are more likely to be men-like looking women.Moving forward to concept of article, the author talks about women in politics and why they prefer to dressed like man -formal shirts and pants-.

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Mohammad_Sharafifar Essay
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According to the theory of U.C.LA. research, the researchers found that political women has less stereotypically feminine facial features. According to the documents provided, the author intends to make this humor that, It’s not that conservative women are hotter, it’s that hotter women become conservative, and they can land a high value man. On the other hand she said that when we talk about the conservative man the story is different, like she said When it comes to male members of Congress, the results of the study are somewhat less conclusive . However she used this difference of taste to create humorist in the article, as she use banter feature of interaction, and mention that the in some point such as Thankfully, the sex typical phenomenon applies only to female members of Congress. .At the end of this research, we can findings revealed that liberal females has higher hyper masculinity face features as compared to conventional female personality. Also, this concept of comparing of the liberal and conservative women, it can create a sense of humor in the reader. Samantha Bee also use advantage of burlesque humor in her article by exaggerated characterization of liberal women and association with masculinity face features specially in political behavior .According to the researcher Michele Bachmann Effect. she also used Farcical Comedy based on improbable coincidences of republican women and democratic women behavers and characteristic. By referring to the article Democratic Women Feel United By Gender. Most Republican Women Don’t. CITATION Dav17 l 4105 (Ariel Edwards-Levy, October.29.2018), and comparing with the author’s wit there is a sharp disagreement between republican and democratic women, however she get the advantage of this disagreement to create her humour sense by saying that Democratic women prefer flats over heels, by an estimated ratio of 10 to 1. . On the other hand she also talked about the characteristic of Republic women and democratic women base one attractiveness and prettier. She get the advantage of satirical technique in her article by humor that mocks sexual human weaknesses. That is not make sense in my opinion, but this humour method that she chose makes reader to think for a few minutes and it creates a sense of humor in the reader.In the last part of article she gestured to first topic but this time she examines male members of congress vs the women members of congress ,base on the article The GOP has a feminine face. CITATION The17 l 1033 (Sullivan, September,27, 2012) the GOP is more frequently associated with policies that uphold traditional sex roles, the researchers expected to find that Republican representatives of both sexes would have more sex-typical faces than their counterparts across the aisle. The theory, however, did not hold for male politicians. In a finding that the researchers do not view as a particularly revealing, the faces of male republicans, on average, scored as less masculine than the faces of their Democratic counterparts. However this time she used self-deprecating and improvisational method by making the silly question for reader and sarcastic sentences.Regarding this article, the author used several methods and techniques of humor in this article. To be honest, nothing is more highly valued than a sense of humor, that she has used greatly in her article. She found that humor is a double-edged sword that can forge better relationships and help you cope with life, or it can be corrosive, eating away at self-esteem and antagonizing others. she used bonding humor to enhance connections between Republican and democrat feminine facial but she also may wield it as a way of excluding or rejecting an theory. Likewise, she take the advantage of put-down humor, when she talked a lot about her sense of self confidence by saying expressing questions and telling the shouts.In conclusion, this article has a put-down humor. This made the reader not first understand the writer’s sense of humor, but gradually, with writing author’s skills, reads content and engages the reader with questions and humor terms. Given the fact that the author, using her own comedy power and asking repeated questions and using humor teams, she make informal climate throughout the entire article.Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Ariel Edwards-Levy, H. U. (October.29.2018). The Atlantic.Sullivan, M. (September,27, 2012). The GOP has a feminine face.

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