Mobilizing the Masses Essay Essay

Mobilizing the Masses EssayBrijet D’Souza

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Mobilizing the Masses Essay Essay
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The World War 1 penalized Germans by taking a massive land from Germany and other colonies, they were told that they had to decrease their military forces. Germany had to payback for the damages that caused during the World War 1. Hitler was accused of the treaty of Versailles, and that was Germany’s responsibility for Germany’s financial complications. Some issues that were faced are: Consequently, after the war, the country had enormous unemployment and price rises.


Hitler thought that foreign visitors were the ones controlling the economy in Germany and that he said that Germany’s economy should be controlled by them not foreign visitors. Jews were the main targets here in Germany they were called the foreigners, and the enemies. Hitler believed that the German were higher to everyone, that were designed to be the controllers of Europe, in addition, Jews, homosexuals, and black people were a danger for Germany.

Hitler believed that other races other than Germans were inferior to them, and they were a threat to the Germans.

Nazi party believed that the agriculturalists should be given their land, pensions should be allowed, public traders such as electricity should be maintained by Germans and not anyone else, all Germans should be one instead of separating from each other’s, the treaty of Versailles must be eliminated, there should be distinct regulations for immigrants, Jews must not be German residents, entry of immigrants should not be allowed. “The treaty’s requirements for disarming Germany were to be, the Allied leaders promised, only the first step in a worldwide process of demobilization” ( Strauss, G., & Wallace-Hadrill, J. M, 2019).

Hitler thought Germany lost the war because of enemies’ publicity, not because they were defeated on the battlefield. The injuries that caused people during the Holocaust were hard to heal. The people who survived during the Holocaust were found in the camps believed that they wouldn’t be able to see their family’s members again, or they could ever go back to their normal lives. Some had lost their family members during the Holocaust and been accused by their non-Jewish foreigners. “In 1953, the German government made expenses to individual Jews and to the Jewish people as a method of recognizing the German people’s accountability for the crimes dedicated in their name” (The Holocaust, 2009). World War 2 was declared on September 1, 1939, subsequently, when Germany conquered Poland, and the war didn’t end till 1945 once both the countries Japan and Germany gave in mutually. “16 million American armed forces assisted in World War 2, along with the civilian supporters that helped and struggled behind the scenes for the war” (World War 2 Records & Newspapers, (n.d.).

The Germans recognized the concentration base camp, but they didn’t know about the camp or until the war was over. Various effects the Nazis organized were unidentified to the Germans. They had everything they deserved but no was supposed to talk bad about Hitler because of they all respected Hitler. If someone said anything bad about Hitler they would be kept in the camp or killed. Therefore, the war affected a lot of countries, a lot of people, and their families, they suffered a lot in World war 2 just like it affected the people it affected different countries as well. “World War II might have affected long-run adult health. World War II caused several severe hunger crises which led to many casualties and may have had long-term effects on the health of survivors” (Kesternich, I., Siflinger, B., Smith, J. P., & Winter, J. K, 2014).


In conclusion when I was writing about the essay about Hitler, World War 2, and about the Holocaust I didn’t know much information to write about. But when I researched about each topic, I got an idea what it was like to be in that situation or what that family went through in those days the suffering they had of not seeing their family members. Being locked in a camp even though they had food to eat. They were still suffering in the camp, I couldn’t even imagine what they were going through their minds in those days after researching a lot about this topic that’s when I wrote this essay.


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