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Mobile phone-an addiction that hampers our life


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Mobile phones Essay
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Mobile phone-an addiction that hampers our life

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. From toddlers to elderly people, we can find people holding phones in their hand everywhere they go. As the technology progresses, cell phones are now not just limited to speaking but a lot more features have been added to it. Hence, the percentage of phone addicts is increasing at an alarming rate.

A large part of the day time is spent on phones. Hence, apart from hampering a person’s daily routine it also brings down their overall performance. When a notification pops up, not everyone could resist the urge to look at it and often we get so involved in chatting with our friends or watching videos that we don’t realise how the time has passed by. Even after getting back to serious work after free time, it would be hard to concentrate on our work.

These kinds of diversions lead to bad grades amongst students and poor work performance amongst elders. To combat this, people should buy smart phones for their kids only if it is necessary. Next, turn off the notifications in our phones as this reduces the possibility of diversions during our work and also set aside particular time duration for free time where we can access our phone. It is also necessary that elders and kids work on their interests and hobbies during free time as they provide actual relaxation, make them happier and skilful and also help in focusing on daily work.

The other problem includes the affection of physical and mental health due to too much exposure towards phones. Many accidents occur due to using them while driving. Recent reports say constant exposure would lead to depression, anxiety and headache. We all sought to use our phones for some kind of relaxation during free time. On the contrary, it stresses our mind even more. Instead go out in fresh air and spend time in admiring the nature as this would soothe our mind and help in higher concentration in our work and hence, result in better work performance. While causing road accidents, apart from the driver, many times even victims suffer. Hence, this can be combated by imposing heavy fine on those who break the rule of not using phone and also spreading awareness amongst all of us regarding its negative health issues. However, a strong willpower and determination is required in reducing its usage.

Although phones have been a boon to us in many ways and have become a necessity, this necessity should not lead to addiction. Talking to people around and building friendship is much more real than the finding friends on Facebook. For a better and happier life, resolve to using phones only if necessary.


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