Miss Representation Essay

In the documentary film, “Miss Representation,” produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, 2011, it shows that how the women who are living in the United States are defined by mass media. Image of Women are displaying on a mass media as sex symbol or aid role for the male although women’s life is getting better than before. Moreover, advertisements such as cosmetic and fashion have forced to women severe diet indirectly. Therefore, the documentary film “Miss Representation” want to not only achieve enhance of women’s role in society but also recover women’s rights through the movie.

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Miss Representation Essay
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Actually, I was impressive to women who were arguing in the film because it is different from Asian women who demand their right act. I know that all women did not doing but in Asia, many women demand the women’s right without their effort.

Unfortunately, most Asian men are working for aid to women’s satisfaction. For example, men must have own house for marriage and they usually pay for an expensive gift for women’s decoration or anniversary.

Many women do not investment for their future; they rely on male just for their convenience. Therefore, many conservative female in Japan do not like this atmosphere which accepted enforcing of women’s right. Moreover, desire of women’s beauty has caused inaccurately advertisement. Many women consume their popularity. In contrast, men do not buy useless cosmetic for their masculine.

When the documentary film was finished, I agree that fairness of sexes have to equal. But I do not agree with exaggerated requirement. If men have to pay all things for women, is that valuable to requirement of women? I think their requirements should be acceptable when they have qualification for women’s rights. Of course Men should considerate for women, but women also should not act excessively for their objective.

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