Miranda OpfarBiology 1010Professor Chaney 1232019Agriculture Essay

Miranda Opfar

Biology 1010

Professor Chaney


Agriculture Scientific Sources

Summary of all : These articles are all about problems having in the agriculture world, things that people think that are destroying our world. Also i think people are freaking out for no reason these kind of things you need in your life, meat on the table, milk in a cup. All that want has to do with agriculture. The 7 sources I found were farmers having a hard time growing crops, Animal testing, Manure contaminating water, how manure is helping the farmers, How animals have change from back then to now.

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Miranda OpfarBiology 1010Professor Chaney 1232019Agriculture Essay
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All these things have to do with problems with agriculture, and how people are against everything farmers do.

#1 Secondary resource : Agriculture is having a big problem in the world right now. The government is increasing in the agriculture world, the result is totally different than assumed. In the industry, the opposite situations happen. In service sector there exists a constant. The increase of temperature in the atmosphere many of the crops are on the verge of extinction.

Many areas of Bangladesh are being inundated due to the increase of temperature. The result of last few years, the agricultural growth of Bangladesh is not satisfying at all. The Flood, drought, seasonal unemployment, high price of seed, irrigation problem, lack of government support, little knowledge of modern cultivation etc. They made this situation worse and resulted in a high economic growth.

#2 Primary resource : Animal testing in the world people thinking it’s either right or wrong to be testing on the poor animals. But having these ideas and new things come our way might spark the future, which might make animals more like humans.They also breed these animals to produce offspring, they are looking for the traits that will be more immune to disease/disorder. By having these amazing way to test things we can test them on animals before they use on humans, to see if there working right.

#3 Primary resource: All the animals being tested including mice, rats, birds, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, farm animals, dogs and cats. Animal testing is a thing if we did testing humans it would be more wrong than testing on animals. Testing animals that is how we test all of our new medicine and new things that we to test for new product and we need to see if they work before using it on humans. There is lots of animal product that have been tested on animals.

#4 Primary resource: Diesel monkey and human testing, this is a test that has been tested in germany which is exhaust cleaning technology.Which they are trying to say that diesel fumes are harmless and don’t destroy anything. Which people were saying that using animals for this testing is not right. Which the scientist were trying to prove that it doesn’t do anything to the money or human.

#5 Primary resource: life on the farm reuse many things and one was manure. This is one of the things that dairy farmers reuse because it is good for the crops and making them grow faster and stronger. But in this article people say that the manure is letting off fumes into the environment, which in that case we are breathing in the air which there saying it makes us sick. The fumes that are being released from these dairy farms people are saying that it’s harming the environment. Many of these farmer can’t control the fumes.

#6 Primary resource: people think that this is a problem and the manure is contaminating the water and making them sick. Which that means this is leading to too much cow manure being applied, which is contaminating the water and people think that it’s going to harm them and making them sick. I have a strong feeling about this because I grew up in a farm, which i feel like people are just trying to get rid of all the farms. But what people don’t realize is that we need farms to live. It’s not contaminating anything you just think that it’s harming your body.

#7 Tertiary resource: How animals have change from then to now. There is a big difference in our animals today. Our mammals have been changing from the beginning of time the dinosaurs were first from there on we got mammals . With the dinosaurs and other large animals, mammals were the only one who grew in size. It was also talking about how the climate change affected the dinosaurs and mammals had to adapt to new weather and the humidity and the heat which all the animals had to adapted.

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