Midwifery Portfolio

A professional portfolio is a structured collection of evidence which includes a collection of documents such as; continuing education certificates, employer statements, professional
Minimum inclusions: Part A:
achievements and competencies. A portfolio must also contain evidence of reflective practice (Andre & Heartfield, 2011).
Briefly state your personal midwifery philosophy
Reflect on and analyse your personal midwifery philosophy in relation to the ACM philosophy for midwifery and the role of the midwife in the Australian setting. Relate this to the ANMC competency and ethical standards for the midwife (300 words not including your persona philosophy).
Using Gibbs’ reflective cycles (or a reflective model of your choosing) reflect upon the scenario attached ‘APPENDIX TWO B’. Discuss the ethical issues and how this situation would be best dealt with in practice (350 words).
The Declaration of Social Media Responsibilities needs to be read, signed and uploaded to your ePortfolio.
Explain your understanding of the purpose of the CCE program and describe your obligations in this program (200 words).
Any documentary evidence of personal or professional development. This should include your; resume, certificates of attendance, attestations, letters of recommendation and evidence of courses.

50 words not including personal midwifery philosophy
The purpose of this assignment is to assist you to review the unit content and assess the following learning outcomes:
GA1: Relate the underpinning philosophies of midwifery to woman-centered midwifery practice
GA4: Applying the principles of reflective practice in identifying and responding to their learning needs and initiating a professional portfolio.
Submit via the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine assignment drop box for MIDW127 in G block.
Within 3 weeks from submission. Arrangements for collection will be posted on the MIDW127 LEO

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