Microfinance Evaluation

For this project, you will be analyzing a microfinance loan on the platform kiva.org.


Write a brief summary of the loan that explains how much is being borrowed and what the money will be used for. You will go into much more detail on this in the next assignment, so a very brief summary is fine here.

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Microfinance Evaluation
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Analyze the field partner (i.e. the microfinance institution that will actually administer the loan).


  • On the right side of the loan page, the field partner is listed. Click on the arrow to expand the information and then click on the link that says “More about X” where X is the name of the field partner
  • What is the stated mission of the field partner?
  • How long has the field partner been in operation and has Kiva reported any notable status changes?
  • What is their risk rating? What are their rates of delinquency and loans at risk? What is their default rate? Do they charge interest and fees? What is their average cost to borrowers? What is their average profitability?
  • After collecting the data above, compare these numbers to other field partners on Kiva (scroll down and you should see a table with data for your field partner and aggregate figures for all field partners). Is your field partner safer or riskier than average? Do they charge borrowers more? Are they more profitable?

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