Methodology (Research Design or Methodology of the Study) Essay

This chapter contains the discussion of the research design, the locale of the study, the respondents of the study, research instruments and validation of instruments, research procedure and statistical treatment of the data used in the study.

Research Design

The descriptive method of research will be use in this study withthe questionnaire as the main tool in gathering the needed data. Also use to obtain information concerning the current status of the phenomena to describe “what exists” with respect to variables or conditions in a situation.

On the other hand, the descriptive research design is scientific methods which involve observing and describing the behavior of subject without influencing it in any way.

A grade point average is descriptive statistic that summarizes progress during student’s academic tenure. It is conducted for a number of reasons. The methods involved range from the survey which describes the status quo and deals with everything that can be counted and studied to justify the validity of the research study that is beneficial to the company, schools and future researcher.

The method revealed the personal background of the company and the status of the system, as well as certain perceptions of the type of system, how the present system works, as well as certain files and the common problem encountered in using their present system. Descriptive studies are done as the first step in a research investigation in order to find more information on a given topic to generate hypothesis.

Statistically, the researchers made use of the z-test to determine whether the types of inventory they will have, has a great effect on their operational period. Z-test assesses if the hypothesis being stated will be rejected or not. Among to 33 small sized licensed drugstore in the town of San Pedro Laguna.

Sources of Data

The researchers utilized the empirical or direct data to attain the objectives of the study, which are gathered from three parts of questionnaires: The first part of the questionnaires contains four questions regarding on what inventory system the entity have, common problem that they face and how they refill their stock.  The second part contains six questions with regards to: if they encounter any problems regarding on preparation of inventory, if they experience hard to do it, if they experience delay on receiving new batches of drugs that they ordered, what types of payment they preferred and are they willing to adopt new system/strategy to be use in preparing inventory system.

The third part contains nine statements with regards to evaluation on inventory system. The respondents will be asked to rate several items. Each item will be decided based on the following legend: (5) Strongly Agree, (4) Agree, (3) Neutral, (2) Disagree and (1) for Strongly Disagree Respondents of the Study

The respondents of this research includes licensed small sized pharmacies in the town of San Pedro Laguna. Determination of sample size
The population size is 36, the researcher get the sample size in order to find out how many respondents they will going to ask. Here is the formula: n = N/1+Ne^2
N = Population size
n = Sample size
e = Margin of error
Margin of error is 5% this percentage is an allowance for non-precision since a sample is used instead of a population. This formula is one of the easiest to follow and most convenient to use in determining the sample size.

n = 36/1+36(.05)^2
n =36/1+36(.0025)
Table 3.1
Registered List of Pharmacies in San Pedro, Laguna
Small Sized Pharmacy in San Pedro Laguna| Population of small sized Pharmacy| Percentage%| Calendola| 2| 6%|
Camella Homes Woodhills Subdivison| 2| 6%|
Chrysanthemum| 1| 2.78%|
Langgam| 3| 8%|
Landayan| 3| 8%|
Narra| 3| 8%|
Nueva| 6| 16%|
Pacita| 4| 11%|
Poblacion| 2| 6%|
Purok 3| 1| 2.78%|
Sampaguita| 1| 2.78%|
San Antonio| 5| 14%|
Sitio Bukid Riverside| 1| 2.78%|
Sto. Nino| 1| 2.78%|
United Bayanihan| 1| 2.78%|
Total| 36| 100%|

Research Instruments

Since this research is design to find out if there is an effect of manual inventory system in small sized pharmacy in dealing with in its operation. The researcher used the questionnaire survey method. A questionnaire is/are search instrument consisting of a series of question and other prompts for the purpose of gathering from respondents. The steps required to design and admi

nister a questionnaire include:

1. Defining the objective of survey2. Determining the sampling group
3. Writing the questionnaire
4. Administering the questionnaire
5. Interpretation of the Results

Validation of Instruments

It is necessary to validate questionnaires. It is underwent validation by floating them to group of persons. The research questionnaire underwent validation with the help of our Research Adviser.

Research Procedure

The researcher have ask permission from the owner of the entity before gathering data and information needed in the research regarding the operation of the business and the problems encountered in their current system through a proposal letter and permission to conduct interviews.

Statistical Treatment of Data

The researchers will use frequency, weighted mean and percentage in analysis and interpretation of data gathering. After which, to check hypothesis the researchers will use Hypothesis Testing (Z-test) formula is show below: Percentage(%) this is use for the presentation demographic profile of the respondents. To get percentage, this equation is used as

% = Percentage
f = frequency
n = size of the sample
100 – constant

And after getting the frequency we’re going to get are mean. Of those who answered that they experience having difficulty in making their inventory on the type of inventory system that they have. We are seeking to answer if the types of inventory system that they have make them to experienced difficulty in performing it and also if they encountered problems with regards to the type of system that they have by getting the average mean of those who answered yes they encountered problems and they having difficulty

. 1. Compute for P:

Let x = number of respondents said that they experience difficulty and problems n = total number of population p =proportion of respondents said that they experience difficulty and problems After obtaining the proportion of respondents who said they experience difficulty and problems by having this type of system, the next thing to do is to compute for the standard error.

2. Compute SP

Let Sp =Standard error
(For p and n; consider the above description)
Sp = p1-p/n
3. Compute πo
Let π = parameter value
Z = 1.645-tabular value for Z, level of significance at 95% confidence level. π = p-(Z∞)(Sp)
4. Testing the significance of parameter value
5. Ho: πo < πo
Ha: πo ≥ πo
6. Z < 1..645 = Accept Ho
Z > 1.645 Accept Ha
7. Compute Z
Z = x-nπo/nπo(1-πo)

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