Mental Health

Part 3: Case Studies (Due in Topic 7)

Directions: Read the case studies below regarding therapeutic interventions. Select ONE and write a 350-500-word response explaining how you would handle the situation as a facilitator. These are designed to help you analyze how you may use therapeutic interventions in future groups you lead such as the one you have developed in this course. Use the textbook, and any other scholarly resources to support your responses. Include at least two scholarly articles beyond the textbook or course readings.

Case Study 1:

This is week 3 of a therapeutic group for cancer patients and the members are beginning to engage with one another. Two patients in particular, Gigi and Anna, have seemed to dominate the group discussions, mostly with feedback of positive results from activities they have incorporated into their daily lives. The discussion suddenly turns when Gigi shares her renewed faith in God has uplifted her and helped her cope with her cancer diagnosis. Anna cuts Gigi off, saying, “Clearly there is no God or none of us would have cancer.” The group erupts in a debate, all speaking at the same time. Anna then commands the floor, turns to the facilitator, and asks, “Do you believe God exists?”

Reflection Question:

How would you respond to Anna’s question utilizing therapeutic intervention to regain control of the group? Include the required scholarly references as you explain your response.

Mental Health 1


Case Study 2:

This is week 7 of a closed-group for anger management. Brian begins the group, reporting his boss yelled at him in front of all his coworkers for being 5 minutes late. Brian states he excused himself and went to the bathroom. “I lost it,” he states. Brian reports he destroyed the bathroom stall door and the paper towel dispenser. Brian states, “On the one hand, I feel proud of myself for practicing self-control by not hitting my boss. However, I’m disappointed in myself for losing my temper and damaging property.” The group was silent and remained silent for a full two minutes.

Reflection Question:

How would you use this silence to lead the group from norming to performing? Include the required scholarly references as you explain your response.

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