Measuring and Enterprising Crime

This assignment involves coding and analysing a qualitative source. You will submit a 2000 word analysis of your main findings. Your report should contain the following:

  • An introduction including the question you are aiming to answer with your qualitative analysis
    • Aims of your project
    • What can be achieved in a qualitative analysis like this
  • A description of the sources you have used
    • The nature of the source
    • Who is involved (participants? Author?)
    • How it was produced
    • Critique of the sampling methods
  • A screenshot of the structure of your nodes
    • Nodes should be arranged hierarchically, in ‘trees’
    • Only nodes relevant to answering your question should be included here
  • The content of the nodes you produced
    • Explain the important themes or narratives that you have uncovered and displayed in your screenshot
  • The conclusions you have drawn from your analysis including the relevant evidence such as quotations
    • Overall what does your analysis tell us?
    • Evaluation of your analysis (reference criteria for evaluating qualitative research)


Use the three interview transcripts which can be found in the learning materials folder on weblearn. These transcripts involved myself (James) interviewing current and former heroin users. As well as being a researcher I was also volunteering at the needle exchange where I recruited these participants, and paid them with a £10 Tesco voucher for their troubles.


Although the transcripts used do not need to be referenced, you should cite appropriate research methods literature. These should be referenced properly with a bibliography at the end of your report.


You should create a new NVivo project for performing the analysis for this project. You will receive extra guidance in lectures 11 and 12. More detailed guidance can be found in the slides for lecture 10

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