Meagan Kropp Essay

What will the future of computing look like?

Meagan Kropp

While five to ten years is not that far in the future, computers will have made extreme leaps and

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Meagan Kropp Essay
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bounds in what they are able to do. Someone would need a CT scan for anything from joint problems to

detecting if a mass is cancerous. They help in diminishing the chance of dying to potentially curable

diseases. CT scans are not without risks though, they can cause many adverse reactions like a potential

increase in someone’s risk of cancer.

The introduction of computer manipulation in relation to CT

machines can help increase response time of the machines [2]. An increased response time can lead to a

patient not having to be in the machin e as long, thus reducing the risks that come from long term

exposure to radiation. The increased response time would come from the machine being able to better

determine what a patient’s symptoms are caused by.

This could be achievable soon because there are

already studies being done to see how a CT machine can be modified to work more efficiently [2] . This

would also help in making app oin tment times shorter, allowing more people acces s to services that they


In the next one to two decades , I think that there will have be en many improvements made to

smartphones. A problem that phone s have is the ir voice and ph oto recognition . Most people with a

phone with voice recognition has experienced the pain of saying a command and it being rep eated back

to them wrong. The inability for the voice control to correctly deci pher what you are saying c an lead to

some pretty dangerou s situations. I think that in the future they will be better able to understand the

command that it is given and po ssibl y be able to pick up on the way a co mmand is gi ven. If it was able

to pick up on the nuances of a statement it could help someone who is possibl y in a bad situat ion and

alert the correct people . It being able to d o this could save someone ’s li fe. With the current rise of

phones bei ng able to unlock when you look at it , they should be able to recognize your face no matter

what you r hair l ooks like or what you have on your face . This would make ever yday life just a little b it

easier. Another idea would be for phon es to have a retina scanner so you would not have to wor ry about

someone else unlocking your phone ever again.

By the next century, the use o f AI will be widespread, and it will be rare for someone to not use

AI in their daily li ves. AI gains a better understandi ng of the world t hrough exchanges with humans, so

it would take a little while for it to know everything abou t the world. People have not always believed

in AI; it was once just an extremely ambitious idea that was pushed back because of many setbacks [1].

The crea tion of a successful AI database show s how m uch AI research has im proved in the last fift y

years. I t took AI this long to get to the point it is now and will p robably take just as long , if not longer

for it to get to the point where normal citizens can access it. At this point they are not even close to AI

being a ble to have perfect speech recognition , so it is not in t he foresee able future it being in peopl es ’

homes like in the movies.


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