Mcmaster Children’s Hospital Essay

“Mcmaster Children’s Hospital is a caring for our future, one child at a time. ” It was distinguished as one of the hospitals who provided the best care for patients and is also awarded with Profiling Excellence in Family-Centered Care in 2008. Aside from receiving various awards and recognition for the quality of their services it is also one of the largest pediatric hospital in Canada and ranked second busiest in Ontario. It also has 40 pediatric clinics with diverse specialization which can treat illness of almost any kind.

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Mcmaster Children’s Hospital Essay
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It is like a one stop shop wherein all that you need in child care treatment, child care specialists and medicines are all there. In addition, it has also specialization on child care disorder. Because of its size and specialization a number of clients and patients can be accommodated immediately once they approach the lobby area. Superior care can be given to children because of it advocates the “inherent worth of youth and children”.

Another characteristic of Mcmaster that set it aside from other hospitals is that it does not surpassed the opinion of patients (the youth and the children) as well as their families in deciding for their welfare. Before deciding for a certain treatment and the like they consult first the concern people. As it is best for children it is also recommended for babies because of its newly installed intensive care units for neonatal. It best fits pregnant women for the superior caring of their unborn children because it can give thorough care to the pregnant women beginning from pre-natal stage to post-natal stage.

As it advocates innovation, one may experience an extraordinary hospital treatment because of its innovative facilities. As it advocates quality service, a patients, clients, or visitors are surely to experience a comfortable stay in the hospital. The nurses and medical practitioners are all very accommodating and are very helpful in any way possible. For the families, the Mcmaster hospital is an absolute safe alternative haven for your children and relatives who happened to visit or to be confined in the hospital. All of the staff has proper identification and name tags, likewise, the patients, have identification bands.

In case that someone needs assistance whether in rooms or bathrooms, call bells are available to inform nurses. As for the hospital’s organization, the structure is formal with moderate degree of bureaucracy. The decision making process is participative, with the patients, clients and residents as partner in decision making. Although, the Mcmaster organization is generally stable and the functions can be considered as highly effective and efficient there are also some improvement that can be done to the organization for superior achievement of goals and better-quality satisfaction of customers.

First, the Mcmaster organization may opt to post more and detailed information on their websites regarding their facilities and services. The customers can generate more information and knowledge about their services if this can be done. Another change that can be implemented is the adaptation of modern medical record technology. Several years ago, technology adaptation in medical recording has hailed a tremendous welcome from medical practitioners and health care providers.

The goal of this is to ensure a secure exchange of health matter information through out the national system. The basic assumption of the electronic medical record directive is to secure accessibility to patients’ health information, whenever and wherever needed. Improving the quality of service requires a change in the system that will also bring forth efficiency which is the very heart of the so called EMR. The modern way of recording can be more protective for patients’ information.

It will serve as a tool in promoting a more secure environment. Even the staff is assigned to l00 patients; he/she will be able to enjoy a hassle free recording because of the automatic commands in computer that will speed up the process unlike the manual recording. The EMR will help decrease errors in medical recording. The medical attendants to patients’ time will be also increase because there is no longer need for checking on the time consuming paper records and correcting on the misreported patients information and diagnoses.

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