MCJ Petro Tanklines Essay

MCJ Petro Tanklines

MCJ Petro Tanklines is a petroleum transporting company that has come under the pressure to make changes in order to continue to operate. With the 2008 recession, increase in production in electric automobiles, Air Quality Control, increase in automobile insurance rates, drivers pay and poor management are just a few of the causes for MCJ to consider changing how they do business if they wanted to remain open, MCJ was forced to go back to the drawing board to see what changes would allow them to remain open and increase revenue at the same time.

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MCJ Petro Tanklines Essay
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In order to show the urgency of making the necessary changes MCJ had to the set (1) goals they wanted to achieve, (2) what would be the strategy for implementing change, (4) what will be the systems and procedures (5) what product and services they will continue to provide, (6) where will the financial resources come from and, (7) the management system to either keep or change due to need.

At the same time MCJ is making the necessary changes they must consider (1) the workplace values, attitudes and beliefs, (2) what will be the leadership style and expected behavior (3) the organizational culture and norms of behavior, (4) what are the outside powers, politics and conflicts, and (5) how to implement the informal groupings. (Pearson 5th)

Because of the unknown from the recession and the updating of technology, MCJ seen that the only way to survive is to down size. Because of the increase in insurance policies MCJ notice that they can save a lot of money by getting rid of its truck fleets and hiring Owner Operators. MCJ goals are to save money by getting rid of its truck fleet and hiring owner operators.

One of the new strategies at MCJ is to have these owner operators to use their facility for repairs, inspections, and updating their vehicle paperwork (provide testing for the driver to make sure the driver is in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations, and within the provisions of this policy). (Visser Trucking LLC 2015) This strategy is the company’s ability to make sure the trucks are properly maintained at its facilities but with a cost to the owner operator. This strategy enables the company to avoid the unnecessary delays of a truck breaking down while on the highway. Another is if the Owner operator did not use the company’s facilities for repairs; the company is not responsible to tow the truck back to the facility.

`MCJ systems and procedures were updated to meet the needs of the company’s revised systems and procedures to keep up with today’s technological industry. (Marsh, A. 2017, December 20) Newer systems like dynamic routing, forward looking camera systems, driver’s scorecard, collision mitigation technology, electronic logging devices, trailer tracking and temperature tracking and record keeping. Some of the new procedures include “safe distance, cell phone usage, passenger program checklist, and seatbelt usage”. (Truck Writers 2019).

MCJ can make the vision of the company transparent and simple enough that everyone will understand his/her function with the company weather they are a direct employee or owner operator. A complete listing of all the products they deliver and the business that they service. This is done by having a list of other businesses, their address, and what the definition of the business services they are serving. MCJ must keep and monitor the business finances. Keep a record of the companies that pay on time, those that are always lake and make sure employees are being pain on time.

In order for MCJ to be success they must keep all of their managers informed to what the vision is and allow them to make suggestions. Have someone volunteer to help keep the managers updated to the daily activities and goings on of the business. Make sure each leader or manager know what their duties are group as well with management. Let them know MCJ is a team company and everyone is valuable to the daily operations of the business. Allowing managers, leaders, drivers and staff know about the company’s financial situation and the path that the company has decided to take. By informing them MCJ will be empowering the people to either accept changes that have to be made or give the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere.

In implementing the change the vehicles can be removed as a new owner operator is hired. The drivers of the company can either purchase a truck from the Fleet, or purchase one elsewhere. Give employee a set time in when the final day of change is to take place and at that time began the new updated management system. Also let the employees they have first choice on trucks from the fleet even if they want to leave.

When implementing the change make sure not to carry it any farther forward than the original plan. MCJ must stick to the initial plan in order to move forward and not be delayed by obstacles and circumstances. Manage with a strong hand the first few days until everyone has caught the vision of MCJ. Make sure everyone is doing what is expected of them. Remind the employee that’s still with the company now is not a good time to be trying to hold onto old work ethics and habits. All old habits are to be done with just as the old company has changed its habits.

MCJ must remember change doesn’t come without the cooperation of its employees. They must address their employees’ values to the company, their attitudes and beliefs. (Pearson pg. 120) MCJ must know which leadership styles and behavior models to implement into the new. MCJ must also, deal with the organizational structure and norms of behavior. What power, politics or norms of behavior they may come against. Know what MCJ’s informal groupings are.


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