McDonalds to introduce plantbased burger in Canadian Essay

McDonalds to introduce plant-based burger in Canadian market

Fast-food giant beefed up arguments on

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McDonalds to introduce plantbased burger in Canadian Essay
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Image credits: McDonald’s

The world’s largest fast-food chain announced the debut of the plant-based burger, the plant, lettuce and tomato burger or the PLT on Thursday. The new burger will be introduced to the market for 12 weeks in 28 restaurants in south-western Ontario by the end of the month.

The PLT has gained various support from the public. “Plant-based burgers are the best!”, expressed

a comment from The Guardian’s instagram post on the burger’s debut.

Others focused on the environmental benefits of the introduction, stating “mass industrial killing is bad for us all”. “A greener initiative in a worldwide company is great. Keep them coming”, praised another.

However, the PLT was not all as welcomed by all. Some lashed out on McDonalds for its delayed introduction in the Canadian market. “They’ve had this in Germany for quite a while”, stated a comment. “This is already available here in India”, another stressed.

Some also compared the fast-food giant to its competitions. “Burger King in Brazil is already selling it. They start this project now?? Like 10 years after everywhere else”, beefed one.

Others attacked McDonalds choice of location for the debut, saying “seems like a strange place to test it, wouldn’t a big city like NY or LA be a better choice”.

The environmental initiative the McDonalds sparked debates on the other products sold. “Still destroying half the rainforest to make you meat ones though”, one criticised.

Americans consume up to one billion pounds of beef from McDonald’s in one year, approximately 5.5 million head of cattle.

“Global meat production has increased rapidly over the past 50 years.The total production has grown 4-5 fold since 1961”, from around 71.36 million tonnes to 317.85 tonnes in 2014.

“Over the last thirty years, the Amazon rainforest, our largest carbon sink, has become one of the main cattle ranching regions in the world. With 5 to 8% annual expansion, the growth of cattle herd is still strongly affecting forest resources in this region. Around 15% of the Amazon forest has been replaced and around 80% of the deforested areas have been covered by pastures (approximately 900 000 km2”, area of Hungary).


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