mcdonalds Essay

My favorite thing is mcdonalds Expect you to be in a different region or city and suddenly to find your favorite restaurant you get to leave for the meal and it turned out that waiters and managers are aware of your preferences thanks to this camera dated speaking they have already decided that customer number 34758 entered the building And they take forever to get your order ready this is horrible this is why your favorite restaurant is not good MacDonald’s is better.

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mcdonalds Essay
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The food quality is very good at McDonald’s the atmosphere of this restaurant has been so Pleasant and inviting that people go through the drive-thru without a problem and enjoy their meal the staff is friendly and polite which makes it easy for customers to get to know the place. in addition there ice cream machines don’t work but we could Overlook at there’s no need to worry about getting lost or missing something because they will always mess up your order a fake food is also very good the service is excellent and I’m sure that if you were to order from them they would be able to mess up your order in no time.

People see McDonald’s easy when they get out the overexposure went from McDonald’s as the people take taste well and it’s convenient with Friday at locations such the large chain of restaurants McDonald has made sure that this delivery in level is persevered as in every corner of the world where McDonald’s exists

McDonald’s Corp is leading strand of fast food restaurants in this world McDonald’s specializes at Burgers french fries and soft beverages McDonald’s is framed at 119 nations of this globe The method which employees by McDonald’s are entering foreign industry was think International viewlocal describes the intention which McDonalds follow in foreign Nations for instance in Germany Outlets give beer to individual customers.

to me if you prefer restaurant that constantly has fantastic tasting Foods it would be easier to select your favorite restaurant! McDonald’s taste like the simple meal that you’ll do at home their Foods get a good taste particularity their french fries my mouth Waters whenever I eat one of their very tasty crispy very good french fries they both take a large variety of process dishes like hamburgers and ice cream in contrast Applebee’s the party constantly goes out chef ready and warm to my favorite combo at McDonald’s is the bacon Double Quarter Pounder with cheese however other restaurants Foods are not made by the chef but their food is also warm to.

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