MBA Leadership Essay Essay

Society has always depended on a designated person to guide the way. People turn to look at them in times of distress and concern. That’s why the chosen ones to guide the rest should have the aptitudes and perfect attitude to face any type of situation. This applies to world leaders, as well as bosses, and students, and everyone who wants to guide others. The question of whether a leader is born or made is simple for me; he/she can either be born or made.

A leader’s child can one day grow to become one, as well as any ordinary person can. The real aspect in question is whether this person is the right one to guide a multitude. A leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. It’s also the principal player in a music group. Orchestras would be a disaster without their leader, and the same happens with any other group.

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MBA Leadership Essay Essay
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To work peacefully inside a group, the environment should be harmonious. That means that every person should have a voice and a say in the decisions made. It also means that they should have the possibility to contribute to something. The former and latter situation only happens when the group leader knows how to handle his/her subordinates. This is reason enough to see through that our leaders are taught well. They should understand the difference between what’s right and wrong. As history has shown, there can be good and bad leaders. Adolf Hitler was an inspiring one who used his leadership qualities to hurt others. His leadership qualities were outstanding, but he utilized them in a bad way. That is why it’s crucial to pin and highlight the qualities of a leader that works for the good of others.

Honesty is, in my opinion, the most important quality a leader should have. When you have a lot of people looking up you, whether it’s 10 or 1.000, you need to display the best possible version of yourself. When you speak the truth, you earn respect. Respect is the most important retribution you can receive from other people. When you are honest, your people follow without question. Keep in mind that people that believe blindly in you are prone to produce the best-quality results and work harder to achieve goals.

Another aspect, which in my opinion is crucial for commanders to have is commitment. When employees look up to their bosses, it’s because they expect to enjoy the goal they’re working for. Without commitment, goals are not made a reality. You need to engage with your subordinates’ values and beliefs. If you are committed, your subordinates are as well. It’s as if a leader’s devotion to a goal is the trigger that pushes subordinates to work in pro of it. You are supposed to give your people a purpose, and that can only happen if there is a sense of dedication.

One other aspect that every effective commander should have is delegation skills. Things get done if there are good logistical strategies in them. You need to fully comprehend your subordinate’s qualities and strengths, as well as their weaknesses. The reason for this lies in the fact that you would have an easier job of deciding who does what. Assigning people things they understand how to do and enjoy doing will improve results. It will also speed up the rapidness to accomplish it; as opposed to delegating tasks that people feel uncomfortable with.

One last aspect I believe a good leader must have is the skill to listen. You’re not getting anywhere if your subordinates feel uncomfortable or ignored. You should keep in mind that listening to others doesn’t only make them feel cared for and relevant; it also may simplify any stressful situation. Leaders face problems for which they must make decisions. These decisions are easier to pick when everyone speaks their mind about what’s good or bad. Two heads think better than one, and it’s a leader’s job to keep the opinions of others in mind and into account.

To conclude, it’s important to understand that commanders are responsible for other people. They must ensure the harmony in a multitude, and they can only do it if they implement certain skills. A good commander is honest and earns the respect of his/her subordinates. He/she must communicate the truth, and thus, encourage others to work harder towards their goal. An effective commander is also committed. Commitment is possibly the most important aspect a person who leads should have. This quality will assure that every goal is met and that people are as devoted as their chief.

Another aspect of a good commander’s personality is delegation. Objectives are met when tasks are delegated in a good manner. That’s why leaders need to understand their people and what their strengths are. Acknowledging people’s qualities will give him/her the capacity to designate tasks in a good manner. It will also assure that he/she will retrieve quality results faster. One last important trait good leader should have is the skill to listen. Having many people looking up to you, you must make them feel important and listened to. Assuring your subordinates feel addressed will help keep a good working environment. It will also encourage people to work harder, considering their opinions are taken into account. Another benefit of listening to people is that you will be able to make decisions faster. This, taking into consideration that every person’s opinion has been put on the table.

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