Mazaya Holding Annual report

Assume that a friend of yours has inherited a large sum of money and is seeking advice with respect to whether the company in question is a worthwhile investment.  Perform a thorough analysis of the company to support your recommendation to your friend.


Your report should be well reasoned and supported and should include both introductory and concluding paragraphs.





Your report should include:


  1. A brief description of the company’s primary business activities. This description should include a brief historical summary, details concerning competitors, if relevant, the company’s position within the industry, directions for the future, etc.


  1. A brief summary of stock market activity of the company. Changes to the stock price of your company over the past few years would be of particular interest. You should include a discussion of the nature of risk in the environment.



  1. A common size (vertical) analysis and trend (horizontal) analysis for both the income statement and balance sheet and comparison between financial years in 2015 and 2014.* Commentary on significant amounts, trends and relationships should be included.


  1. Analysis of the company’s cash position. Perform complete cash flow analysis between financial years in 2015 and 2014.


  1. A ratio analysis and comparison to industry averages for the entire financial statements in 2015 and 2014

( 1- Price-Earnings Ratio 2- Working Capital Ratio 3- Current Ratio 4- Inventory turnover Ratio 5- Days in Inventory Ratio 6- Accounts Receivable turnover Ratio 7- Average Collection Period Ratio 8- Debt to assets Ratio 9- Times Interest Earned Ratio 10- Free Cash Flow Ratio 11- Earnings Per Share Ratio 12- Price Earnings Ratio 13- Gross Profit Rate Ratio 14- Profit Margin Ratio 15- Return on Assets Ratio 16- Assets Turnover Ratio 17- Payout Ratio 18- Return on Stockholder’s Equity Ratio  )



  1. Graphs or Charts. that lend credibility to your report.



*Common size income statement compares all amounts to net sales.  The analysis measures each item as a percentage of net sales. Common-size balance sheet compares all amounts on the balance sheet to total assets. The analysis measures each item as a percentage of total assets.


Marking Scheme


The project is worth 70% of your final grade.


The relative weight of the component parts of the project will be:


For each area as listed above:  
1. 10%
2. 10%
3. 15%
4. 15%
5. 15%
6. 15%
Subtotal 80%
Introduction and conclusion, reasoning of advice and recommendation made and utilization of analysis performed                                                                           20%
Total 100%


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