Mayor Michael Bloomberg was seriously concerned with the controversial situation of the Essay

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was seriously concerned with the controversial situation of the mosque. As the final impediment was removed in the city of New York, he vehemently defended the project. His defensive act acted as a symbol of tolerance to the Americans. In this case, therefore, they sought to reframe, and come up with a series of debate concerning the project. In this plinth, the mayor pleaded with the New York residents to make rejections regarding the plans of the 13-story complex.

His reasons as to why the residents were to reject the idea were that they would end up betraying their values if they were to treat Muslims as opposed to other people. He fought heatedly to ensure that his people listened to him. In his speech, he says that the attack of the mosque was a closed sign and acts war declared among the Muslim community.To a great extent, those who defended the act did not only respond to the controversy in the city, but also the nation and the constitution at large.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg was seriously concerned with the controversial situation of the Essay
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In his speech, the mayor says, We do not honor their lives by denying the very constitutional rights they died protecting. We honor their lives by defending those rights ” and the freedoms the terrorists attacked. This is a sign of patriotism and tolerance to one’s religious right. And because of this, Bloomberg finds it of great importance to defend the mosque and its environs. He stands boldly, and agitate his people to work in unison so that the image of the mosque is not dented, and people are not denied their religious rights. In his statement, he continues by saying that the immigrants built the city, and, sustained by them as well. They should, therefore, remain to retain the genealogy of the mosque, not only for their betterment but even for the generation to come. In as much as people should live as neighbors, he points out that is it not a must that people must agree all the time. Respect and tolerance must be recognized at all costs. In his speech, Bloomberg flashback in the 1700s where religious groups received a lot of opposition and rejections. He narrates well how the Catholics were agonizingly denied their religious rights. The Catholic priests could be arrested so that they do not preach the gospel. The procrastination went until the 1780s, when the first Catholic parish was established, St. Peter’s on Barclay Street. By and large, the church still stands today as one of the most outstanding trade site centers in the world. Therefore, he feels that the mosque should not be deformed, because it is a sign of togetherness and a place of meeting God. In grief, anger, and pain, the mayor feels that the government should be in the forefront to help in fighting for the religious rights of the citizens. He says that the last thing the government should do is to deny private citizens build a place of worship. Any religion has a right to worship, and none should be subdued. The mayor feels that the government should strongly come out to protect everyone irrespective of his or her situation in the country. The American nation was inherently found on the foremost that the government should not be particular between religions. No one should be favored irrespective of gender, race, or religious background. Just as other Americans, the New Yorkers were among those who were murdered when fighting for the freedom of the state therefore, decorum should equally apply to all. With a lot of courage, he appeals to his people that they should stand firm in every realm even if the controversies regarding religion come here and there. Also as the mayor called for the mosque to be embraced, some individuals popped the project. They used various methods to bring about the rejection, lawsuits and public pressure, but the mayor stood firm to defend their religious rights. According to him, the mosque is a representative of a potentially challenging political situation in the state and Mr. Bloomberg. Together with some of his most ardent supporters, the religious Jews, they worked in unison to ensure that they the religious rights of every citizen has adhered. Even if some of his closest friends disagreed with him ideologically, he was heartened and determined that he would eventually bring change. His continued and persistent push towards the same led to some fruits yield. In fact, by September, some families supported his influential position. Through the support they gave him, they motivated him for a fundraiser for the memorial site. Mr. Bloomberg is surprised and disappointed at the same time. The disappointment aspect of it comes when he remains alone in the fight, and his contiguous allies are no longer with him to support the idea. Also, the government instead of deliberating them from this, they are of no support to them. On the other side, he is surprised when the few who supported his idea, eventually agrees to fundraise and maintains the mosque accordingly.From my analysis, I acknowledge the spirit of Mr. Bloomberg. He is one leader who is determined and optimistic in his endeavors, more so when it comes to spiritual matters. He feels that the religious freedom of everyone should be respected irrespective of his or her situation. He vividly becomes involved in defense of the mosque until he realizes his dreams. He does not reverse his ideas and thoughts until he is delivered. More importantly, he does follow up of his speech to ensure that it is given to the Governors of the Island, and religious liberty is reached. I am in full agreement with the irresistible act, and determination of Mr. Bloomberg. He is a symbol of a leader who loves his people. He is a freedom fighter, one person who does not listen to the discouragement of people. He remains focused and projected until he realizes his dreams.

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