Massage Chair Essay

Our Product

We, OSIM, want our customers to experience and enjoy an inspiring and healthy life. We mainly focus on produce massage products for example: massage chairs, head massagers, eye massagers,etc.

OSIM uDivine App Massage chair
OSIM uCozy and uRelax Upper body massagers
OSIM uGalaxy Eye massager

Our Target Market

We target our market of customers for both genders and all races. Our target market are people from age 25 to 50, who belong to middle or upper class; they have a good economics situation ,can offer some luxurious products, and want to have a relaxable, easy and healthy lifestyle.

We produce our products especially for those people who always feel very tired and muscle pain after their long time of study and work, for example: layers and accountants who always work in front of computers for long hours. Our target customers usually wants to meet their self-actualization needs. We also focus on customers who are family concerned and care about all their family members lifestyle.

However ,because of the high price of our products,not every people can offer our products.

Buying Process
Need recognition

Due to always study long hours on table and play computer, my neck always feel pain. Therefore i went to do massage very often. But after a period of time, i realized that to do massage in massage shop is more expensive than have a massage chair in a long term. That is the first time i want to have a massage chair. Few months later , when i went to one of my best friend home, i saw a new OSIM massage chair. When i was trying her massage chair, i feel so comfortable that i could almost fall asleep. I decided: i need a massage chair!

Information search

After deciding to buy a massage chair, i start to search the information about it. Because of seeing a lot of OSIM outlets in Singapore, i asked my friend who had this product to talk about her experiences. She told me that is really worth to have one, every family member can use it ,and OSIM is the best brand of massage products in Singapore.

Every time i watch channel U ,they always have advertisement of OSIM chair. In the advertisement,two famous channel U actress are showing the new function about that products: it can be connect with iphone by using usb or bluetooth,and we can use our phone to set the most suitable function for ourself. That increase me a lot of interest of that chair.

I start searching more information on the official website of OSIM. I found that they are not only the best massage products brand in Singapore,but also in Asia. They also provide online shopping services. They also use a lot of picture to show us how their products will make us feel like. When i look at the information on website, i found out that uSoffa Runway which is $3088 is the most suitable one for me due to limited space in my house. According to the website,OSIM Zero-wall feature positions the backrest away from the wall which can save me 16% living space. And this sofa is really designed and can change the cover of it.

OSIM uSoffa Runway

Also, from the website, i known there is a CNY promotion offering now. In order to have a real feel of the product i have chose and get more details about the promotion, i went down to one of the OSIM outlet which is in B1 of Takasimaya with my friend. This uSoffa really made me feel very relax. From the shop assistant, i knew that this sofa can use credit card to pay monthly, which means i do not need to pay so much money at once and i only need to pay $66 per month for 36 months. And if i have any old OSIM chair, i can change to a new one by just adding a small amount of money.

3. Evaluation of alternatives

Because my house only has 2 rooms, the size of the chair is the most important element that influences my decision. The uSoffa is the one which is the best choice to this requirement. As a student who do not have any income, price is also an important element to decide my choice. Although i can pay monthly, i still do not want to purchase any good that is more than $5000.

Purchase decision

When i was trying uSoffa, the shop assistant gave me a leaflet which shows all promotion items. The uDivine massage chair was come into my eyes. It is now $1000 off, which is $4488 after discount. My friend and i tried this chair, both of us felt this one is more comfortable than the sofa. It can not only massage our back and legs,but also massage our arms. I start to change my mind. We been told that this chair is the first human-3D massage chair in the world. And due to it’s 3D technology, it become more like human hand massage.

It has more functions and is suitable for both senior and junior. It has two speaker on the side of the chair which is being used to play music when we are doing massage. But this one is bigger than sofa. I started to confuse. So i compare to other brands of massage chair like panasonic. However , none of them are as designed as OSIM chairs and as comfortable as OSIM chairs. At last, compare to the price and size, i decide to buy the uDivine which has 3D technology and more worth to buy at this time.

Panasonic EP-30006 KU Real Pro Ultra™ Massage Chair $3629
Sanyo HEC-SA5000K Massage Chair $3999

Post-purchase Behavior
After i bought OSIM uDivine, it performance better than i expectation. Therefore i am delight.


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