Marketing Report

This is a report
This one i just need to cover the part about Analysis of household mortgage repayment distributions and inequalities in the two LGAs (e.g. differences in % distribution of household mortgage repayment and Gini coefficients in the two LGAs). The discussion of mortgage repayment distributions and inequalities could also relate to income inequalities discussed in the previous section. You will be mainly use TableBuilder to generate data for this section and then calculate appropriate indicator to measure inequality (including charts, tables, and references and/or footnotes).

Distributions and Inequalities of Household and Individual Income and Household Mortgage Expenditure and Possible Contributing Factors to the Differences in Distributions and Inequalities in Blacktown Local Government Area (LGA) and Hornsby Local Government Areas (LGA) in New South Wales in 2011.

For the Table Builder i will send to u in additional files, but u need to count the gini coefficient.

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