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This week’s assignment is based on promotions in sports. Students will submit two separate documents for this two part assignment. Please follow the instructions below:

Part I: Please read the attached article from SportsBusiness Journal titled How best to use the bait? This article focuses on promotional strategies in Major League Baseball. After reading the article, please answer the questions below (remember, only answer the 5 questions below) in complete sentences with enough depth and detail that demonstrates your level of understanding. Submit your answers to these questions in a Word document and be sure to copy the questions down before responding. Please remember to include a reference page and text citations in APA format.

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Marketing Assignment Assignments | Nursing Homework Help
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  1. In 2010, what was the rationale behind offering premium giveaways on a weekend versus a weeknight? Did that ideology change in 2011? According to the L.A. Dodgers’ Joe Jareck, how does he determine which games should offer promotions?
  2. What have been the most effective promotions for teams looking to provide value to their sponsors?
  3. What merchandising trend have some teams seen when deliberately distributing a limited number of premium giveaways?
  4. What has been the most significant change in game day events/non-giveaway promotions? How have most clubs utilized sponsors in these promotions?
  5. By what percentage did Coca-Cola increase their total number of activation dates from 2010 to 2011?

Note:  Only answer the five questions above. Please do not answer the “Online Research Questions” at the end of the SBJ article.

Part II: Use the Internet to research and select a past College Bowl Game. Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation for the Bowl Game you selected. The PowerPoint should be at least 10 slides in length. Visuals should be included in the presentation, but students will be evaluated on the accuracy and quality of the content in the presentation in addition to the design and visual appeal. Please remember to include a slide with references and to cite your references in the text in APA format. Provide the following information in your presentation.

  • Information about the Bowl Game—where does it take place, date, time, price per ticket, seating capacity of stadium, etc. (2-4 slides).
  • Slides for each team participating in the Bowl Game—the University/City, where it is located, enrollment, football team record, coaches for each team, etc. How much each team gets paid to participate (2-4 slides).
  • Information about travel and tourism for the city hosting the Bowl Game (4-6 slides). This should include things like climate, special attractions, hotels, # of hotel rooms, shopping, restaurants, other amusements, etc.
  • Prepare a budget for two people to attend this bowl game. To do this, use the location of one of the colleges participating in the bowl game as the area in which these two people attending the game are traveling from.

Note: Be sure to provide where these two people are traveling from (city/state).

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