Mark twain advice to youth its embedded satire and lessons leave Essay

Mark twain “advice to youth” its embedded satire and lessons leave one pondering on it, originally it was expected to be targeted at the youth but it eventually was directed at both the youth and the adults. Its undertone of hypocrisy of adults and their perception of knowing it all was brought up uniquely in his speech. Mark twain advice to youth advised adults and youngsters on how to foster realistic habits to meet realistic expectations.

Mark twain advised “always obey your parents when they are present it’s the best policy if not they will make you” which suggests that the children are not doing things out of willingness or genuine concern to but are forced to, and this takes away from the uniqueness and individuality of the youngster, he’s advice encourages children to find their own way rather than going under their parents total control and gives children the ability to express their feelings and uniqueness, as well as limiting their ability to encounter experiences that will broaden their mind set and enable them to have experiences and grow.

Mark twain doesn’t directly say that kids should disobey their parents but he suggests that they use their parent’s absence as an opportunity to live accordingly to their own rules.

Mark Twain also stated “Most parents think they know better than you do and generally make superstition that you can by acting on your own better judgement”. This is more of a fallacy rather than a fact. What shapes one’s knowledge is experiences which most likely comes from not been told what to do or how to think he also suggested that kids act while their parents are present in order to give them a presence of control and remain in their ignorance of believing they know more

Mark Twain also talks about respect which leads me to my next point he said “ Be respectful to your superiors if you have any” this means that the youth do not believe in authority, he also said be respectful to strangers and sometimes others which suggests that youth have the ability to decide who they wish to respect or not. Mark Twain also said “If a person offend you and you are in doubt as to whether it was intentional or not do not result to extreme measures simply watch your chance and hit him with a brick.” His point suggests that revenge is sometimes necessary but also warns he’s audience that if their actions were wrongfully done to therefore take the time to apologize, he’s advice seems a little bit insincere and uncivil.

Mark Twain also talks about the importance of rest he said “but a lark is the best thing to wake up with” this Is pretty good advice waking up with a lark is most certainly the best trick to train yourself to wake early. He also discusses the topic of lying he makes he’s point clear that you may have to lie every once in a while, but be careful and don’t lie about anything that could destroy he also makes it clear that one simple lie could turn peoples perspective of you in a negative wat. Mark Twain also warns the youth on the dangers of firearms and gives an example of a young boy and his grandmother and how that seemingly harmless situation could have spiraled downward into a horrific accident Mr. mark twain was warning youth of the dangers of using firearms for recreational use although the gun may not appear to be loaded there is a huge possibility it may be loaded and cause a tragedy.

In Conclusion, MR. Mark Twains advise is a mixture if good and bad it has a lot of points which may make sense a little bit of manipulation and sarcasm he also portrays his points in the mindset of an average youth some may see his speech as a way to mock both youths and parents or sabotage common home training while some people may just see it as a comedic and realistic approach to life

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