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Avid CollegeDiploma in Primary TeachingInstructional PsychologyAssignment: Teaching and learning through theoriesStudent Name: Mariyam ShafraStudent ID: 6422Lecturer: Aishath EmanINTRODUCTION In this assignment it focus onto make the learners understand the concept of individual differences. Moreover how to apply the content learn in classroom settings. Through this the learners will get a guideline on how to understand and deal with different types of classroom environments which would help in meeting diverse learning requirement of the students. Also in the movie To Sir With Love it shows very clearly how can theories of psychologist is being so useful in handling such worse cases.

In ahead of this assignment the effectiveness of strategies applied by the teacher which would affect the individual difference of students will be focused. After referring to the movie will also be sharing own experience in such classrooms. In whole it will be going to be report about different individual attitude and sstyle of students and how a teacher can use psychological theories in dealing with each case.

Moreover the positive outcome of applying methods in improving the behavioral issues of students. Most importantly it will convey how even a single teacher can influence in an individual students life in a positive manner.APPLICATION After going through the situations shown in the movie To Sir With Love the two theories that has been applied by the teacher seems to be of John Dewey and Erik Erikson’s theory. As shown it the learning has been established by the teacher as per the student’s interest. Moreover the learning environment and the way teacher dealt with the students unbearable behavior was very smooth. John DeweyJohn Dewey, born on October 20, 1859 and at the age of 92 on June 2, 1952 was the most influential thinker on education in the twentieth century. He even established a laboratory school at the university of Chicago in 1903. In his school, all the educational theories by him was practiced.During Dewey’s time learning was mostly teacher centered and the absolute control of teaching and learning will be under the teachers hands. Hence the learning was like the lecture type and it was expected from students side to memorize the information either through orally or written form.However Dewey believed that the curriculum should be based on interest of the students and also the students should be having active experiences while learning. Moreover Dewey supports in curriculum which is integrated rather than divided into subject matter cause it makes the schooling unnecessarily long and learning becomes a big challenge for the learners.For example : In the movie the teacher applied the Dewey’s theory by making the learning environment change for the students and carried the lesson as per their interest and somehow the technique applied by the teacher under Dewey’s’ theories assistance help a lot in making a difference in students towards learning and the way they tend to behave in the classroom. It clearly shows the action taken by teacher had a huge impact on the students. Hence the Dewey’s theory was helpful for the teacher in making the students who were not even paying attention to what he is teaching in the classroom to change that attitude. Indeed, it took some time to grab their attention however in the end it was a fruitful work done by that teacher.Erik EriksonErik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development is one of the well-known theories of personality in psychology. As per Erikson’s belief the development of personality is in series. In Erikson’s theory it describes the impact of experiences of social environment across the entire lifespan. The main element of Erikson’s psychosocial stage theory is the development of Ego Identity. It is a sense that is develop through the social interaction that an individual faces. However, it will be constantly changing due to new experiences and information’s that will be acquired within a daily interaction as per Erikson. Moreover there will be challenges that will either be helpful or a hinder in the development of identity of an individual.Normally it is said that identity is something that begins to form in childhood itself and becomes important during adolescence, however Erikson believed that this process will continue throughout ones’ life.As per Erikson, in each of the stage people tend to experience a conflict that serves as turning point in development. Hence he believed either these conflicts will develop a psychological quality or will fail to develop that quality.Stages of development Infant ” Hope birth to 18 monthsToddler ” Will 18 months to 3 yearsPreschooler ” Purpose 3 to 5 yearsSchool Age ” Competence 6 ” 12 yearsAdolescent ” Fidelity 12 to 18 yearsYoung adult ” Love 18 to 35yearsMiddle age adult ” care 35 to 55 yearsLate adult ” Wisdom 55 or 65 ” death (Information taken from notes.)For example: In the movies the teacher first deal with them with the same behavior that they carry with them. Later, slowly the teacher started to create a bond with the students by making them feel cared. At the same time taught them to accept their mistake no matter what the situation was and how difficult it was to dealt with it. When the teacher explained why he is aksing the student to go and apologize to the athlete teacher at first the students argued but once the teacher explained the student slowly kept his ego aside and accept his fault and agreed to apologize. And that’s what Erikson was conveying through his theory.Effectiveness of the approaches.There is no doubt that the approaches and strategies applied by the teacher was very successful. In order to gain something its also important to work that much hard to achieve that certain goal. There is no denying that the teacher had to go through lots of downs while bringing the students into a right path. Individually checking the ways on how to improve the certain students behavior and education and making a plan for every student is not that easy job. However with the patience and courage the teacher was able to make students much more responsible and well-disciplined ones. And that will be something which the students can carry throughout life as he said in the movie.While teaching in own class, there was 3 boys who used to create disturbance in the class and will always deny to learn. Many strategies was applied on them nothing did work. One day saw the movie To Sir With love it showed an idea on how to deal with such students. Firstly assigned them with few rules which they cant break and after that assign them to write what are the ways they are interested in learning once they are done checking their opinions. Once knowing the areas that they are interested focusing on them and try to teach them through their interested. After few days it was very easy to handle those students. It is a very interesting experience and lots of things were able to learn through this theories.Methodology applied to cater individual students.Every student will be unique in their own way. It is a teacher’s reasonability to identify the skills and qualities in their students and to use different type of method to cater every single student’s requirements. For example the teacher can use different levels of instruction giving to each level of students. So that students also will not feel left ousted and will improve their involvement in the classroom.Example: A boy was there in grade 5. He used to always deny to work by saying its difficult and he can’t to such works. In that situation as a teacher it is very important to be positive towards that student. Through positive talks and motivational words the teacher was able to make the student to agree on to do work. Moreover the teacher kept in mind that the student Is facing difficulty in doing the work given to others hence the teacher changes the question pattern for that student by making it even more interesting and worthwhile.Also the teacher can use the digital resources. As it is one of the most effective and attractive learning technique for each kind of student. Hardly there will be a students who do not like learning through digital resources. It allows different materials, platforms and tools in achieving the learning outcomes, moreover the students tend to increase their confidence in their digital skills.Most importantly the verbal support given by the teacher would be very influential for the student as it will help the teacher to identify different learning abilities of students hence can support them in their different academic levels. It mostly depends on the communication between the teacher and student, if it turn out to be successful it will be very beneficial for the students in their learning as they would be able to use both simple and complex dialogue according to their learning needs.CONCLUSION The main topic of this assignment was based on the teaching and learning theories used by the teachers. Also about how every individual learner will be having different requirements and the techniques and strategies that teacher can use in accordance to the requirement of the student. Also the different attitude, different levels of motivation were being discussed. In whole if to say then this topic is all about learning the behavior of students and how to cater them in accordance to their requirements. References BIBLIOGRAPHY Differentiation in the classroom . (2017). 7 methods of differentiation, 0 -1.Eman, A. (2019). Father of educational psychology. John Dewey, 1 – 11.

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