Many Films Have a Bad Influence on Young People. What Is Your View? Essay

Everyone needs entertainment to refresh their minds and get relaxed after everyday chores. The most common way people usually use to entertain themselves is to watch a Movie. Movies are entertaining but some movies can have a negative impact on the audience esp. youth. Youngsters are immature and easily susceptible to any perception. In this era where movies are the part of our daily life and youth mostly watch it on almost every weekend can cause a great impact on their mindset.

Youth love to watch movies but indirectly many of those movies are a bad influenced on them. Like in cartoon movies the characters do things those are impossible in real life and are supernatural and little kids get admired by those characters and they think that they can also do all those things.

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Many Films Have a Bad Influence on Young People. What Is Your View? Essay
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Today’s teenagers the real youth are greatly influenced by such movies like by watching action or gangsters type of films they may lead themselves in committing crimes and killing people that is illegal and that may cause themselves into great trouble.

The violence and bloodshed in these movies make them think more about violence and extremism. By following their favorite actor they started doing everything they do and those acts, which are dislike by the society. Their favorite actor might take drugs, alcohol and smoke in the movie so the young people begin smoking too or they may think they’ll leave a cool impression on the society by doing all this.

They also follow their lifestyle like what they wear, what they eat and so on and they get influence of their culture. So it’s a bad impact on our culture and lifestyle. These movies can also damage our faith and lead us to the wrong path. Young people also begin to do dangerous stunts that may harm them or sometimes may take their lives as well. They get indulge in bad companies and torture others by different means. Films also affect their way of speaking and attitude towards others.

They adapt abusive languages and make themselves violent. And maintain this kind of bad behavior towards everyone. This may decrease their social status. It’s not wrong to say that many films do have bad influence on the young people and make them superstitious but there are many films which have a positive effect on youth. Like there are many educational and inspirational films out there that gives us a lesson and we have a lot to learn from those films. That will not only guides us to the right way but will also help us to be a good citizen and raise our social status.

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