Manager in an organisation.


Your task is to:

  • Identify a manager within any organisation. The only requirement is that this person manages at least two workers. They could be from a small organisation (e.g., a cafe store owner) or a large organisation (e.g., a manager in a multinational company). You may draw on people from your own personal or professional network if you wish. In addition, you could interview managers that work at Swinburne University itself.
  • Interview the person about their job as manager about how they do their job. In particular, discuss the challenges they face as managers and how they overcome them.
  • Present your findings to the rest of the class.

Presentation Suggested Structure

It is recommended that you follow the following structure. In the presentation you should discuss:

  • The business context in which the manager operates (e.g., the organisation they work for, what the organisation does)
  • The manager’s own role (e.g., their position in the organisation, their main responsibilities)
  • The major challenges that the manager faces in their role (e.g., managing employees, dealing with external stakeholders, dealing with an unpredictable environment).
  • How the manager implements¬†oneof the four core functions of management — planning, organising, leading or controlling — to meet these challenges


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