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Description of the Assignment:

Refer to what your instructor wants you to do and/or to submit, as detailed below in the Deliverable section. Include the real-world (authentic) situation, type of task to be accomplished, and the sorts of higher-order thinking (analysis, reasoning, critical thinking, etc.) that were requested and/or shared throughout your course thus far.

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Management And Organizational Behavior Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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Paper 2 is the signature assignment for this course. It should incorporate the concepts from the Modules you have studied to date. Here is your assignment:

Employees who are highly engaged are committed to their work, and see themselves as helping “build a cathedral.” Disengaged employees have essentially checked out—they are merely “laying bricks” for a paycheck, not building a cathedral. According to the Gallup report of 2013, only about 30% of the American workforce was “engaged,” and international data showed essentially the same results. In 2019, Gallup found that engagement had risen somewhat since 2013. (Both reports are posted in Module 7.) With this in mind, address these questions:

1. What is the impact of “engaged” versus “disengaged” employees on a company’s profits? For the purposes of this assignment, treat “engaged” as if it means the same thing as “inwardly committed to the good of the business.” Why do you believe this?

Management And Organizational Behavior Assignment | Homework Help Websites 1

2. Using Lewin’s 3-Stage Model, how would you re-engage disengaged employees at every level in the organization? What conditions need to be in place in order to accomplish this? How would you make sure that their engagement results in a measurable increase in productive effort?

3. How would you use Drucker’s Management by Objectives, combined with Lewin’s 3-Stage Model, to secure the commitment of all employees, at every level an organization (all the way to the bottom)?

4. What can leaders do to preserve this commitment, once it is attained?

This paper should be 6-9 pages long, not counting the title page and references. Use Times New Roman 12-pt. font.

· Papers need to be formatted in proper APA style.

· This paper requires a minimum of at least five credible sources for your references.

· Acceptable/credible sources include: Academic journals and books, industry journals, the class textbook, the lectures, and sources cited in the lectures. You may use credible business website sources in addition to these, but avoid Wikipedia and “shortcuts” such as Mindtools. Wikipedia and Mindtools are not considered valid academic sources (even though they are sometimes good.) This is an academic paper that needs to include scholarly research.

· Using your textbook is highly recommended to demonstrate that you have read the required material.

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