Management and operations

Assume you are part of the Human Resources (HR) department of an organisation of your choice. As part of the company’s commitment to excellence through the continuous improvement and training of their staff, they have asked you to prepare informative didactic material that will used in their corporate training programmes.
The organisation is seeking to identify talented individuals who will be groomed for influential positions. As such, it is important to identify and define key behavioural characteristics and traits related to the role of managers and leaders within business and organisational environments.
Task 2
This report should include the following sections:

Working individually, select a renowned organisational leader (cannot be the same as Task 1), and prepare an engaging and informative PowerPoint presentation where you will showcase his/her personal leadership profile and the achievements he/she accomplished through management and operation performance improve

The presentation slides should cover the following areas:

1. Define and explain the roles of a manager and a leader.
2. Include specific business and individual examples to show different types of behaviours:
a. An overview of the individual’s biography and career highlights.
b. An introduction to the key operations of the organisation he/she transformed
c. An evaluation how the internal and external operation management environments created an atmosphere that allowed for that particular individual and his respective leadership style to flourish.
d. How operational efficiencies of a given organisation/company improved to successfully meet business objectives, using appropriate management and leadership approaches.
e. Conclusions and supported recommendations for future improvements to be taken by the leader and the respective organisation, taking onto account how different factors affect the business environment and wider community.
NOTE: You must select a business leader for your research. Politicians and celebrities cannot be used. The subject of the presentation should be approved by your lecturer.

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