Malaysia – Strategic Management – Industrial policy, GVCs, Clusters

Please make an offer if you are willing to use lecture notes, course materials. This is a Strategic management course.

Country: Malaysia

Report Structure:
– Country History, overview
– Strategies for building technological capabilities and export growth
– Innovative Strategies for helping the poorest Groups
– Governance, Regulation, and accountability

– 13-15 pages double spaced excluding bibliography and appendices
– Use concepts/ tools from the course material such as Industrial policy, clusters, GVCs, etc.
– Evidence-based and data-driven analysis/recommendations:
– comparative and historical case studies
– analysis/statistics on current national/international development
– inter-governmental organization (IGO) reports/ proposals (World Bank, IMF, WEF, OECD)
– international development agencies, etc. have many useful databases and reports that you can use.

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