Mahindra Mahindra is busy developing the prototype of what it calls Essay

Mahindra & Mahindra is busy developing the prototype of what it calls a ‘Rural Transporter’—basically a hybrid between a tractor and a rural transport vehicle. The product at 20-25HP will be targeted at those who cannot afford a normal tractor and would also fulfill the need of a family transporter that could take in the rural roughs but would be much more comfortable and safer than the conventional tractor-trolley.

TVS—50 XL: TVS—50 XL India’s first indigenously developed moped by Sundaram Clayton, hit the roads in 1980.

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Mahindra Mahindra is busy developing the prototype of what it calls Essay
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It was the first entry of a two-seater moped.

At that time there were other models in the market such as Luna and Suvega, but these were single seater mopeds. TVS—50 were powered by a 48 cc engine and had enough strength to carry a load of over 120 kg. It was, therefore the most powerful in its class.

? Sampoorna TV: LG Electronics, the Japanese firm has re-jigged the TV to appeal to local needs. It spent $50,000 (Rs 21 lakhs) to develop a set that would have on-screen displays in the vernacular languages of Hindi, Tamil and Bengali.

The logic, rural consumers unfamiliar with English would still be able to use the TV without being intimidated.

? Nyle Shampoo: Nyle Herbal Shampoo has identified the problem in brand identification. Who reads? Who can read brand names in rural areas? Among shampoos, it is known by its green colour. The health freshness of green is symbolized by a lady wearing similar looking green colour.

? Hero Cycles: It is modifying its cycles to meet different needs in different regions. It has as such, a special orientation towards rural needs.

? Titan Watches: A recent NCAER study revealed that there is a great potential for watches in rural areas. In fact, it is considered to be a high priority item. Impressed by this the company is launching a pilot project for low priced models.

? Green Cards: Andhra Bank and Allahabad Bank had issued credit cards, namely, ‘Green cards’ to the farmers. The cards issued by Allahabad banks are: Diamond Card (for farmers having more than 9 acre land) Gold Card (for farmers having 7-9 acre land) Silver Card (for farmers having 5-7 acre land)

(b) Market

(iv) Quality Strategies

Quality is one of the major differentiators. Many companies utilise the quality aspect to win the customers. In the organized sector, competition requires quality improvements.

(a) Quality Improvement Strategy

TVS—50: In 1980, TVS—50 XL was introduced by Sundaram Clayton. It was powered by 48 cc engine and a load carrying capacity of 120 kg. In 1983, the company researched the uses that the vehicle was being put to.

Its utility varied from a farmer in the village taking his family of four to the nearby town or carrying sacks of paddy to be sold in the local market, to a dhobi carrying a massive bundle of clothes for washing. The company decided to give TVS—50 XL a 53.3 cc engine, which was, at that time, the highest powered in its class. The Luna was a 49 cc moped.

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