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Thesis Statement: The Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board should set standards and policies regarding on how tourism sectors should market their product properly and accurately.Reference: Morgan, M, (2007). Marketing for leisure and tourism. Hertfordshire: Prentice Hall Europe.Discuss the role of marketing in tourism industryEnumerate the major role of marketing in tourism industryTourism is a highly competitive industry and requires good and innovative marketing that captures a place’s essence while making people aware of the locale’s tourism offerings.

With the help of marketing, it makes the small businesses such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants gain more exposure which the customers can discover. According to Morgan, M (2007), the aim of marketing is to create an exchange in which both parties, the organization and the customer, are satisfied. The role of marketers is to recognize what factors make customers choose a specific hospitality service, and this requires extensive research. Explain the impacts of marketing to the touristsThe impact of marketing to the tourist is how they will be persuaded by the marketer.

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macro research Essay
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For example, the DOT launched the promoting line of the Philippines, which is It’s more fun in the Philippines, then the commercial is showing the different tourist attraction and festivals in the country, which made the customers convince to go there. The marketing increases the customer awareness. Over the last decades, tourism advertisements have become more visual, less textual, more user-centered and less informational. Visuals of places and sites are used to educate and persuade viewers and to market products, locations and services to a wide variety of consumers (Fleming & Roth, 1991). Customers choose hotels and other hospitality services for a wide range of reasons. By interacting with current and former guests, taking customer reviews on websites, reviewing industry data and more, helps the professionals to learn about what actually customer needs.Explain how these impacts affect the customers preference in terms of purchasing for travel purposes. One of the most widely used models of the consumer decision process is that proposed by Engel et al.:Problem recognitionInformation searchEvaluation of alternativesChoice of purchaseEvaluation of post-purchase experienceShowing the possible tourist, a good impression of the place, or product leads them to deciding to purchase it and it is now the marketer’s goal to satisfy them for them to be called as a consistent customer. Discuss the negative impact of marketing in tourism industryDefine false advertisingThe term false advertising means advertising a product or service in a misleading way, to make the purchaser believe that the product or service they are buying performs better than it actually does. Retrieved from State an example or issues of false advertising in tourism industryAn example of false advertisement is the way the Philippines is showcasing the beauty of Boracay to other people, because of its white sand and turquoise waters. It is also preferred by partygoers because of its vibrant nightlife. In reality, with tourists basically everywhere and several establishments near the beachfront, it’s near impossible to experience serenity in this island, once known as a haven of relaxation. In terms of restaurants, it is relevant because advertisements of different fast-food chain are far different from what they are getting. Explain the effect of false advertisement in the touristsWith this kind of attitude of the business marketers, customers will no longer go back to the place or purchase the product. When satisfaction didn’t meet with the customer, it will affect not only the income but the impression of the business as well. Most especially in today’s generation because most of the tourist are relying on online reviews. When you engage in false advertising, your consumers will perceive you as untrustworthy. Both the customers you already have and any potential new customers will tend to feel like you betrayed them and take their business elsewhere. Your customers won’t be loyal anymore and that will ruin your business. Your brand may also get a negative reputation, which means your future business prospects are reduced. Unfortunately, our government, even in these past years of liberal and progressive governance, has not protected travel consumers from downright false and deceptive advertising. Discuss the government’s role to solve this issueDefine the purpose of Tourism Promotions Board regarding the marketing tourismThe Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) exists to market and promote the Philippines domestically and internationally as a world-class tourism and MICE destination, in strategic partnership with private and public stakeholders to deliver a unique high-value experience for visitors, significantly contributing to increased arrivals, receipts and investments to the country.Explain how the policies and laws can improve on how the tourism sectors can market their productThe Tourism Promotions Board should strictly monitor and at least give the tourism sectors (Accommodation, Transportation, etc.) a requirement on what to use and how to advertise the product/ place, or tourist attraction. Luckily, there is a law in the Philippines, which is the Republic Act 7394 (The Consumer Act of the Philippines), this bill seeks to improve the quality of advertisements by requiring all advertisers to maintain a file containing the evidence of safety, performance, efficiency, quality and comparative price of the advertised product. Unfortunately, in online advertisements, especially in hotels and resorts, they don’t usually follow this law. Enumerate the benefits of having an accurate and truthful market in the tourism industryWhen the policies and laws are properly followed, it is expected that tourist will give good reviews to the product/ place and it will lead to popularity. It will maintain the reputation of tourism as well.

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