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M8A2: Term Paper Submission

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In this assignment, we will use extensive research and secondary sources to inform the changing structure in an organizational context. Our organization of focus entails Verizon functionality in improving its competitive advantage and leadership. The term paper outline consists various sections including the introduction, body, and conclusion to analyze critical topics on the subject. This article develops from the term paper outline submitted earlier to cover the change strategy implement by Verizon comprehensively. The thesis statement of the research: The change strategy utilized by Verizon in transforming from Copper Phone Services to Fios Fiber for Video Phone and Internet.


M8A2: Term Paper Submission

Change Strategy Utilized by Verizon in Transforming from Copper Phone Services to Fios Fiber for Video Phone and Internet


The change strategy exercised by Verizon Communications Company entails of two key fronts to achieve the intended results and enhance the company’s competitive advantage. In a continuously diversifying and rapidly advancing field of technology, facilitating effective communication among governments, organizations, businesses, and people remained a key priority for Verizon triggering the need for change to take place. The change strategies implemented by Verizon that we are going to examine extensively in this paper entails a change strategy of a stream acquisitions and mergers and implementation of an Operating Support System (OSS) for the company. The extensive research using secondary sources informs the course of change strategy requirements, assessment, and implementation process.

The change strategy executed by Verizon Communications Company to transform from copper phone services to Fios fiber for video phone and the Internet follows the realization of advancement of technology. The growing need to enhance communication between the government entities, organizations, states, foundations, businesses, and people is the key cause for the demand of elevating the means of effective communication (Chapin III, et al., 2009). Verizon’s realization of the need to induce a change in a competitive world of technology focuses on facilitating the company’s performance in the industry. The direct impact of the implementation of the change strategy was increasing in the volume of people requiring the company’s services and improvement of profits to billion-dollar levels.

The implementation of change strategies in Verizon was an organizational effort led by visionary leaders such as the company’s CEO Lowell McAdam. A transformational leader he is, McAdam approach to change was oriented to the high performance of the company and elevating its performance in the industry, as well as, improve its profits gain to allow the company to expand to global levels. The company’s leadership steered a successful change strategy course that saw the company expand exponentially to one of the major global telecommunications companies in the world. The steady leadership served a critical role to the implementation of the change strategy by being oriented, focused, and committed to expanding the corporate culture in the new acquisitions and mergers that brought in diverse corporate culture (Cummings & Worley, 2014). The company’s ability to maintain and sustain a successful change strategy transformation served right for the company to implement the technology supporting phone and Internet communications through the use of Fios fiber cables that have been laid worldwide on land and under water.

Challenge Requiring a Change Intervention

The world’s transformation and demand to enhance the means of communication was a core entity requiring transformational and innovative approach. The facilitation of the change process to enhance effective communication between different entities including people, businesses, organizations, and governments were the primary focus of address in the change process. The opportunity seen by Verizon in the gap in telecommunications efficiency is a salient feature demanding immediate attention (Hall & Hord, 2006). The impact of focusing on means to facilitate fast and efficient communication between different entities was an opener for the company to become a global leader in technology. In turn, this led to enhancement of technology by the introduction of 4G LTE to ensure efficient handling of the ever-increasing demand from customers.

The facilitation of the enhanced network and Internet use provide an opportunity for the company to continue shaping the wireless network use. The laying of the Fios Fiber cables, thus, made it possible to serve the growing number of customers and sustain the demand in the market to make the Internet more efficient. In turn, this led to the demand for the development of 5G as an essential ingredient for shaping our thinking about the future investments, drive for growth across businesses, and expansion of various organizations by effectively reaching each other across the world (Verizon.com, 2017). The copper phone services remain to be no match for the Fios Fiber cables establishment of a platform that can elaborately encapsulate how communication is utilized through the Internet leading to video streaming, video conferences between businesses and government entities, and so forth.

Best Change Strategy and How it will Address the Challenge

The best change strategy entails the assessment of its efficiency in realizing the intended purpose and services the demand as per see. The implement of acquisitions and merger strategy as the change strategy to advance the success of the process serves as the best approach. The acquisition and merger approach to change strategy serves a profound version to enhance the resources base. The need to establish a resourceful base is crucial in support of the change strategy process. The implementation of new Fios Fiber cables is an expensive venture that would consume a lot of resources from the company. The ability to fund the process utters the success of the completion of the entire strategy.

On the contrary, failure to provide sufficient resources undermine the change strategy from the very beginning implying that the company is bound to incur further losses in a sham of vision. There is need of a clear vision and strategic plans to implement a change process successfully (Tripon & Dodu, 2005). The approach to acquisitions and mergers used by Verizon provide an opportunity to expand the company’s resources to support such an enormous venture. It is of every necessity for Verizon to acquire more subsidiaries to improve the funds base, human resources, and expertise to support the process successfully.

Impacts of Successful Change Implementation

The main implications of the successful change implementation by Verizon entails the network evolution that the company has experienced over the years. The change from copper phone services to well-serviced and enhanced technology supporting efficient network and the Internet has been a key achievement. The implementation of 3G networks ushered in the digital transformation that proved the ability of the company to serve an extensively large number of customers. As demand continued to mount on the company, Verizon rolled in 4G LTE network that consistently leads to external studies, quality and reliable networks across the country supporting a number of users. This saw the customers base grow exponentially from approximately 25 million users to more than 110 million users (Verizon.com, 2017). The company continues towards rolling out a 5G network as the bandwidth and digital contents continue to amass more pressure on its management.

Another significant impact has been successful achievement of wireless network technology. The expansion of 3G and 4G LTE networks serves as a key ingredient to a successful venture of facilitating wireless network across many users. The transformation of businesses and government’s demand for the use of Internet has seen Verizon’s expansion and change strategy pay off in the use of digital communication means and efficient network use. The businesses use of wireless networks and Internet connectivity as attractive features to their customers, schools’ reliance on the Internet, and government functioning has seen the customer base of Verizon expand greatly impacting to increased profits for the company. Thus, making Verizon highly competitive in the telecommunications industry.

The change strategy transforming from copper cable phone services to use of Fios Fiber cables present a new frontier of making such wide strategy a success. The video technology of communication serves as a significant entity of facilitating communication especially in businesses allowing them to expand fast and share best practices lesson. With the combination of 4G LTE networks and Fios Fiber cables, video conferencing becomes a success for Verizon transform the way the world operates. The impact of such technology is making globalization a reality in the world that is a salient feature of expanding the company’s customers to significant margins.

Financial Feasibility of Verizon’s Change Strategy and Heavy Investments in Infrastructure

The financial feasibility of Verizon’s change strategy in massive investments in infrastructure from the use of copper cables to facilitate phone services to a new transformation of Fios Fiber cables gave the company a new breath of functioning. The expensive venture of investing on the Fios Fiber cable infrastructures both on land and on the sea is extremely an expensive approach that must be feasible for the company to incur such costs. The financial feasibility of the investments made by Verizon is informed by the gains the company is bound to be done in the future. The improvement of telecommunications entails increments in the number of users directly impacting to improved profits and returns. This impacts to Verizon expanding its ability to acquire such companies as Yahoo Operating Business for approximately $4.8 billion (Verizon’s Billion-Dollar Story, n.d.).

The massive investments incurred by Verizon Communications Company in the change strategy are feasible in the long-run and impact of its competitive advantage. The company has had the ability to expand the capacity of its network from 3G to 4G LTE facilitating its Internet support and servers’ capability in the digital context. This impacts to the expansion of customers that present profound opportunity to gain millions in return for services provision (Van de Ven & Sun, 2011). The quality of services provided by Verizon is as a result if improved Internet services that arise from the substantial investments made to transform its infrastructure. In turn, results to a venture that the company would enjoy in the long run increasing its competitiveness in the industry.

Change Strategy Implemented by Verizon

  1. Acquisitions and Mergers

The first major merger of Verizon was witnessed in the year 2000 when the company merged with Bell Atlantic and GTE ushering in a legacy of more mergers and acquisitions of the company. This ushered Verizon into the limelight of telecom best performing industries proving the company’s ability to sustain competitiveness in the industry. In this line of business operations, Verizon has never been confined to a single line of business allowing it to acquire the largest market share of wireless services provider in the US. Another major acquisition for Verizon was that of MCI and Alltel – exponentially expanding the human resource base for the company. Later, Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo Business Operations ushered in an expanded customer base and competitiveness in the industry. As well, the improvement of the company’s ability to incur massive investments in change strategy setting course future competitive advantage in the telecommunications industry.

  1. Operating Support Systems (OSS)

The management of the new networks is critical to Verizon’s existence and successful implementation of the change strategy. The change from copper cable phone services to digital contents by the new infrastructure of Fios Fiber cables made phone and Internet services possible in the future of the company. This set course the ability of the company to set-up wireless networks across the country presenting it with a competitive advantage that would place the company in a better position. Verizon’s approach to Operating Support Systems provides the management of networks and Internet services effectively for the company’s customers. In turn, this assured the company of continued performance in the industry and provision of quality services in a creative and innovative manner.


In conclusion, the change strategy implemented by Verizon to induce a transformation of old technology to a new technology presents the essence of setting a company towards a course of competitive performance in the future. The change is a continuous process that requires effective planning and strategies of implementations to achieve the intended purposes successfully. The process of change implementation in Verizon was complemented by the top leadership skills and efficiency led by the company’s CEO Lowell McAdam, a visionary, a transformational and ethical leader who cares more about what’s best for the company. The visionary nature of the leaderships style portrayed by the CEO Lowell McAdam enhanced the organization to implement the change strategy in the organization successfully. In turn, leading to the improvement of the company’s competitiveness in the telecom industry.




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