Lord Chamberlain Polonius Gets Murdered By Prince Hamlet Essay

Polonius, who was at one time, a useful, high ranking state officer, much respected by the late king, is murdered by Prince Hamlet. He has worked his way up through a lifetime of service to the court, culminating in duties which involved the effective management of the royal household. After the death of Hamlet’s father, he was loyal to the new king, Claudius, to the utmost. Throughout his career he was at the centre of affairs and respected by the royal couple despite his garrulity.

His unsubtle view of life, his persistence in his opinions, and his ever-readiness to intrude in the affairs of others had gained him quite a good number of enemies. Polonius, who was hiding behind an arras in the queen’s closet, was answering to her call for help. This was when prince hamlet ran his sword through the curtain and thus Polonius who was behind that curtain was murdered. Throughout his career, he was equal to a summary of some pious book of moral precepts, full of appropriateness and sound common sense.

OPHELIA DIES A MARTYR TO HER LOVE FOR HAMLET Ophelia, daughter of Polonius and Prince Hamlet’s lady-love, dies a martyr to her love for Hamlet and her devotion to her father. She was weak in mind and of a clinging kind. She looked to Hamlet as a support to herself in her life but he failed miserably in reciprocating her pure and true love. Frustrated in her love, her state of mind got aggravated by the murder of her father. Bereft of any support in life, she went mad singing rhymes to herself all around.

She was brought up in complete submission to her father, and was always a most obedient daughter to him. Her noble nature persisted till her last breath. The persons who saw her last remembers that she left the scene with a prayer for all Christian souls. Her death was a blow to her brother Leartus for whom she was “rose of May. ” She was impressionable, sensitive, graceful, innocent and very down to earth. Her innocent beauty and youth will definitely linger in the minds of all those who loved her.

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