Longmire ENTR300 Assignment 8 – Summative Project

Using IDEO’s Five Steps of Design Thinking, compile responses to the following questions into a final project for this course, in relation to you, your venture, and your innovation:

What: Discovery with Empathy
What have you done to understand your customer (human-centered design process)
What: Scope Definition
What is your statement of the problem solving competency and customer requirements (define the challenge, clarity and focus)
How: Generate and Ideate
What divergent thinking technique have you used to create a design solution (idea generation)
How: Experimentation and Prototyping
What is your plan for building a prototype
What questions do you need answered from your prototype
How: Evolution and Testing
How will you solicit feedback about your prototype

Review attached assignment rubric

Minimum 4 pages

Minimum 2 scholarly sources

APA formatted

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