Logistics Bees Logistics Company (Operational Plan)Course title: Supply Chain Management Course Code: MKT 308Submitted toSaju ShahaLecturerDepartment of MarketingJahangirnagar UniversitySubmitted by Logistics BeesBBA 7th BatchDepartment of MarketingJahangirnagar UniversityDate of Submission: 29th June, 2019 Group Profile No Student Name Student ID Marks/Comments01. Nowrin Abdullah Trina 1460 02. Sahara Sultana 1733 03. Afrena Jahan Prema 1734 04. Sadia Sharmin Meem 1737 Letter of Transmittal29th June, 2019Saju ShahaLecturerDepartment of MarketingJahangirnagar UniversitySubject: Submission of a report on Operational Plan of Logistics CompanyDear Sir,Here is an in depth report on Operational Plan of Logistics Company and ready for your observation.

This report has made us able to understand that about the core concept of Operational Plan of Logistics Company and improve our skills for analyzing the Operational Plan of it. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to involve in such a report making activity.We have tried our best to make up an optimum report with our maximum effort. Hope you find our work favorable.Sincerely,Sahara Sultana On behalf of Group Logistics BeesDepartment of Marketing Jahangirnagar UniversityTable of Contents Page No.

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Executive Summary .. 6Introduction…. 7-8Executive Summary This report on Karatoa Courier Service was prepared as part of the course requirement for Supply Chain Management, under the Bachelors of Business Administration at Jahangirnagar University. This extensively explores the service delivery process of Karatoa Courier Service. It is prepared using different supply chain management topics learned during the course of the current academic semester. In order to make this report more effective we contacted with respondents and visited to analyze and better comprehend the factors that influence the service process of Karatoa Courier Service. The objective of the survey was to understand the processes of services Karatoa Courier Service under goes to provide services to its customers in order to increase the level of customer satisfaction. The survey results were then interpreted and the findings were used in preparing the various concepts that are discussed in the report. We also looked at Karatoa Courier Service’s operational plans, delivery process, pricing strategy, transportation system as well as staff management. Our overall findings appeared to indicate that Karatoa Courier Service has a strong reputation. As an old and established company it managed to attract new customers. This would indicate that it has a decent number of repeat customers.IntroductionOrigin of the ReportThe report is prepared as a term paper assignment for our Supply Chain Management course (MKT 308).While preparing the report, we gave our best effort to incorporate the theoretical aspects of the subject. While emphasizing on the practical situation of the various aspects of the Operational Plan of Logistics Company.Objective of the studyThe main objective of the study was to To gain vivid knowledge of the whole Operational Plan.To gain idea of the 1st party logistics company.To know what factors affect the whole system of 1st party logistics company.MethodologyArea of ResearchWe have tried to invest the overall Operational Plan.Sources of InformationWe have used data collected from our text book, company visit, taking appointment from General manager of that particular company and others internet websites. We all decide to work on different branches of operational plan.We divided the whole task among our members and all of us tried our level best. We have analyzed the logistics process, payment, delivery process and all the related sectors of it. We also recommend some suggestions regarding this.Scope of the ReportEverything has some advantage which helps the work to be completed thoroughly. we get some scope which helps us to make standard report. Major of them are “Cooperation of particular industry Challenging TopicLimitationsAs we are just the beginners of learning this course the followings were our limitationsLack of calculative information.Not having proper knowledge regarding this field.HistoryKaratoa Courier Service is doing business since 1983. This group firstly introduced courie service in Bangladesh by starting its operations from 1990. Mr. Mohammad Abdul Patowary, chairman of Karatoa courier service. This company created its mark by door to door documents and parcel delivery within the shortage and possible time. This service was not available in Bnagladesh at the time of its inception. But Karatoa Courier Service was always ahead for everyone from the beginning. Karatoa rapidly expanded its nerwork all over Bangladesh until it becomes available in every places. Right now its head office is situated in Bogra. It has 161 branches across Bangladesh.Types of LogisticsInbound logisticsInbound logistics refers to sourcing, expediting and receiving of goods, that is coming to the organization. Customers go to Karatoa courier service offices and place order of their logistics. Karatoa takes order on the basis of weight,space and value. Karatoa try to provide the order on the near area within the particular day.But when the delivery area is in distance places it takes two days.Outbound LogisticsThe outward movement of goods, from the company to the end user, is known as outbound logistics.In case of distance area, the karatoa courier service warehousing this logistics in its own storage. Then send this logistics through transportation to its end users.Products & ServicesKaratoa Courier service doesn’t provide any services except courier facilities. Their main business is providing courier services across Bangladesh. right now they don’t have any online portal but in future they are planning for it. They deliver all types of product but they don’t deliver cash, cheque, prize bond, valuable jewels, any illegal product.Operational PlanAn Operational Plan is a highly detailed plan that provides a clear picture of how a team, section or department will contribute to the achievement of the organisation’s goals. The operational plan maps out the day-to-day tasks required to run a business and cover.The plan covers the what, the who, the when, and how much:What – the strategies and tasks to be achieved / completedWho – the individuals who have responsibility for each task strategy / taskWhen – the timeline for which the strategies/tasks must be completedHow much ” the financial resources available to complete a strategy/taskDelivery to customer Karatoa Courier Service created its market by delivering important documents, parcel, goods and commodities within the shortest possible time because of their efficient operational plan.They operate their business in almost 161 areas across Bangladesh. They deliver not only material things, but provide their best possible services to their customer. Karatoa courier service mainly operate their business by taking products from different parties and deliver it to the final customer. Customer can not offer cash money, cheque, prize bond, illegal and ignite products.This courier service company try to deliver products within two working days in distant areas. They also provide home delivery service . They charge for their services according to weight/value/space of particular product. Customer can’t claim any damages after delivery of their product.Branches Karatoa courier service’s head office situated in Bogra. They have 161 branches across Bangladesh. All branches provide quality of services within the shortest possible time.Pricing StrategyPricing strategy refers to the method companies use to price their products or services. Almost all companies, large or small, base the price of their products and services on production, labor and advertising expenses and then add on a certain percentage so they can make a profit.The company that we have visited, they use there pricing strategy according to “WeightSpaceValueWeight- This means the product will be priced according to their weight. Heavy metal product will have higher price than the regular commodity products.Space- Products those will grave larger portion of the pickup van will have higher price than those will cover smaller in portion.Value- Products, having higher value are charged according to their value weight.Here is the chart of the company’s pricing strategy-Industrial Goods1 k.g heavy goods Maximum charged 300 tk For every k.g per regular goods 100 TkConvenience Goods Per K.g priced 5 tkMore than 5 K.g 3.5 tk WarehousesWarehousing is the act of storing goods that will be sold or distributed later. While a small, home-based business might be warehousing products in a spare room, larger businesses typically own or rent space in a building that is specifically designed for storage. Warehouse is a very omnipotent element of logistics industry. Because they have to store product and keep it safe before delivery. Karatoa courier service company have two warehouses. One is in their main branch Bogura and another one is their previous branch office in Dhaka Motijhil. Valuable product or document and heavy materials are stored in Bogura and Dhaka. Then they send it to their local branches by their own vehicle for delivery. Other things which have to deliver within a short period, stored in their local branches.Lead timeIn logistics industry, lead time defines the latency between the initiation and completion of a distribution process of a product. Lead time and delivery time is not the same thing. Lead time is the time when courier service company just take an order from a particular party for deliver their product and make their consignments. Delivery time means after making necessary agreements between two parties, when courier service company is ready to ship the product. Karatoa courier service company take only 2 days to deliver their product. If they fail to deliver their product within this period due to any inconvenience, they make a mutual agreement with their customers. Political or natural disaster, accident, fire and theft can cause an imbalance among lead time.PremisesThe Karatoa Courier Service takes order in their branch office. People physically go their and give their order. They don’t take order of any kind glassware and liquid goods. They take order from 9.30 am to 6pm in their office hour .Karatoa Courier service maintains its product track on telecommunication basis. All employees of this company inform the management the exact time when they reach the product to its destination. If any product is not delivered because of the absence of customer it is also informed to the management.TransportationTransportation is one of the main elements of a courier service company. Transportation defines a major characteristic of a courier service company. In the basis of transportation, courier service company can be classified into: 1st party, 2nd party, 3rd party and 4th party logistics company. Karatoa courier service use their own transportation facilities.. They own and manage their own means of transportation to pick up goods and deliver to the customer. InsuranceKaratoa company’s whole system is covered under insurance program. But the company doesn’t do any insurance activities on behalf of the customer. If the customer wants to do any insurance on his goods then he have to bear the whole cost of that insurance program. Company wont bear any insurance cost regarding that customer’s product. But the company will allow to do the insurance.Publicity and Advertising In true sense, logistics and its publicity might seem to be totally opposed. Logistics deals with the nuts and bolts of handling and delivering products. On the other hand, advertising is the practice of communicating how the company can achieve customer’s needs. While advertising, social networking as well as product packaging are all part of publicity of a logistics company. Karatoa courier service company maintain website and mailing facilities for communicating with mass customer. Besides, they use word-of-mouth method. But in comparison with other courier company their publicity is low.Legal issue Legal aspects are actually areas of law jurisdictions that govern the logistics sector which provisions are made by the government in ensuring and creating a fair playground for all parties involved. Karatoa courier services company have some legal aspects for playing a fair business role.They don’t deliver cash, cheque, prize bond, valuable jewels, any illegal product.Receiver must have to show all of his legal documents issuing by customs excise and police before delivering the product. If there any fraudulence, receiver have to pay for company’s damages and company can take any legal steps against consignee.Receiver has to bear all responsibilities of consignment. Due to any inconvenience like political instability, natural calamities or communication problem, company doesn’t take any responsibility of the product. Company is not obliged to pay any damages for unwilling delay.Acknowledgement receipt will be preserved for 1 month of booking.Customers can make a complaint about their delivered product within 7 days of delivery.If receiver has any complain about company, they can write it to courier service. If this is not resolve within 15 working days, then they can take legal action against this company.If there is any damage in document/non-document/product, it should be resolve before isStrategic PlanKaratoa Courier Service strategic plan is trying to satisfy their customer by reducing the price charged for their services and also they are working on reducing the lead time.Network DesignNabila tui meem k voice diye tr design r description dibi ten o description AGE HBE THEN TR DESIGN THEN APU R TABLE. R SWOT 1 PAGE A R REFERENCE O 1 PAGE A HBEAMON VABE LIKHBI JNO SWOT 1 PAGE A ASHE ..AKHN JAMON SINLGE 1 PAGE A SWOT ACHE.VisionKaratoa Courier Service vision is to become the leading company, providing online services and also to reduce the lead time.SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis means Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of a Company. SWOT analysis is a framework which is used to evaluate a company’s competitive position and to develop strategic planning.Here is the SWOT analysis of Karatoa Courier service Company- Strength1.Own Transportation3.Charging lower price4.Covering more than 160 areas.Weakness1.More competitors.2.Lack of media coverageThreats1.No online services2. Competitive Markets3. Losing physical outletOpportunities1.Plan to open online service2.Additional transport3. Planning to open branches in abroadReferences

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