Literary analysis paper

Write a literary analysis paper on one of the following topics. Use quotes from the text to support and to illustrate your assertions. Minimum length: five well developed paragraphs at a minimum.


But do more than that. Include four quotations from four separate critics you find either on the Gale literary database on or on the JSTOR database. (Try Gale first. You can access the literary databases via the library home page.) Use MLA citation form; include in text parenthetical citations as well as corresponding works cited citations. The WC citations should be placed on a separate page at the end of the paper. I will not require that you use page numbers after paraphrases and direct quotes from the primary text, the story you are anlyzing. Just give me in text citations for the quotations from critics. Remember, in MLA style the URLS fro online sources go in works cited citations and not in parenthetical citations. We will have an MLA worksheet to work on during Monday and Tuesday of next week.

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Literary analysis paper
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Here are the topics:

1.  Write an essay comparing how the mother’s perspective on heritage differs from or is similar to that of her two daughters in Alice Walker’s short story “Everyday Use.”  (One way to organize this paper might be to have a paragraph discussing Dee’s view of heritage followed by a paragraph discussing Maggie’s perspective. The last body paragraph can then focus on the mother’s perspective.)

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