Life has never been easier due to the help of advancing technologies Essay

Life has never been easier due to the help of advancing technologies and the evolution of artificial Intelligence which help us humans in our everyday life. As a part of advancing technologies, social medias exist in order to provide us with a way to connect us to people that are far away from us and give us the entertainment that we humans sought for when bored. However, as all things are, anything that is used excessively is not good, therefore there are two sides to each story.

There are people who use social media almost every day for texting or keeping in touch with people who are far away but doesn’t talk much to people in real life. People who are scared to have conversations face to face because they do not know how to control what they are saying unlike in social media where you can edit or delete everything you say or post. Social media may work in updating or keeping in touch with someone or in sharing some discrete information, or in texting your loved ones who is far away from you that you miss them but they don’t work for learning and understanding each other fully because you cannot see them personally and it is easy to fake emotions and say things that we don’t really mean.

However, having conversations with other people in real-life, exercise our brain to think fast and think honestly to our feelings while improving self-awareness. When we talk to people in real life, we take into consideration the feeling/s of the person that we are talking to, unlike in online conversations, we can choose our words carefully therefore not being true to ourselves and saying only what pleases ourselves without taking into consideration the feeling/s of the person that we are currently talking to.

As a person it is important that someone is listening to us, all of us should feel that we matter and that someone is there for us to listen, celebrate, and comfort us in every situation in our daily lives. The feeling when someone is listening helps a person to express themselves and show their true self. Sherry Turkle said “That feeling that no one is listening to me is very important in our relationship with technology” that’s why having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites are very necessary to have nowadays not just to stay connected, updated, and to join or follow the trend but also because these things are also called “automatic listeners”. Sherry Turkle added “The feeling that no one is listening to me makes us want to spend more time with machines that seems to care about us” people are a lonely being and we use our gadgets and social media accounts to hide and fulfill the loneliness that we feel, other people may seem happy online but behind these screens we are all sad beings. However, people started building and using robots as companions in every age. According to Shery Turkle we seem to lose our confidence that we are going to be there with each other, people use robots as their therapy or companion it may be effective but at the end robots have no feelings and they do not know how to be a real human after all Sherry Turkle addressed this as “pretend empathy” . Pretend empathy is the feeling that we get from machines or from people that we don’t actually know. It’s as though they are there for us every time that we need them, but in reality, they are just there to comfort you because there is something that they need from you or because they are programmed to respond in such way. No man can shoulder all the problems in the world, we need to turn to people in order to feel less anxious and feel alive, but in order to create real attachments with other people you need to find and fix yourself and to achieve that, a person should also isolate themselves from time to time to reflect. Sometimes being alone is okay because you will be able to find yourself in silence and peace, people need to experience being alone in order to reflect to the different things that is happening in life to find and fix yourself and become a better person.

In conclusion to this paper, Excessive use of social media affects the wellbeing of a person by instilling fear in a person. The fear of not belonging or the fear that one might disappoint us in the secrets that we entrusted to them. As what Sherry Turkle said “We turn the technology to help us feel connected in ways we can comfortably control, but we’re not” , people who use social media more often are those people who are weak verbally, and they are the most common people to have “Stage fright” or the fear of talking in front of the people. They are more confident in posting or making scripts of speeches instead of giving one in real life. This is due to the fear of being criticized by people and the fear that the truth might hurt the person that one is talking to. While when using social media, they don’t care if they get criticized or if they offend the person that they are talking to, and this is because of the anonymity that is available in social medias. People tend to show their true colors when they know that they will be facing no consequences or violations for the actions that they have committed. In building relationship with people is about balancing the reflection or communicating within ourselves and communicating with other people. Reflection and communication is the answer for loneliness, people need and is required to build relationship with other people because we are a social being and it is our responsible to build relationship with others and also because we are made by God to serve not only ourselves but also to serve other people, and in order to attain that relationship everything starts from you. Before anything else, a person should first find his/her goal and purpose and fix and reflect everything that needs improvement to his/herself, and after doing all that you will be able to build a healthy relationship not only with other people but also a healthy relationship with yourself.

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