Letter to the editor

The purpose of this assignment is to help students engage in discourse about health care related issues. This assignment has two parts. The first part includes reading current news, legislative issues or media on topics of importance, and the articles listed below, and following that, the student will a letter to the editor or a political or legislative individual on a chosen health issue.

General information: Students are required to read the news (local, state, national or international), and identify a health care related story from the printed media (newspapers or magazines). Students are then to write and send a letter to the editor or political representative (max 200 words) providing a passionate and informed perspective on the story.

Instructions: Read the following articles on effective nursing advocacy and the NEA article on writing an effective letter to the editor. The same principles apply when writing to a political body or representative/



Letter to the Editor/PAPER

1. Using information you have gathered, submit a letter to the editor in response to a health care related article in a newspaper or magazine. Max 200 words. Include the title of the article in first sentence of text.

Topic ideas: What issue did you select for your Letter to the Editor? Why is this an issue for you/Nursing? Why should it be important to others? What ideas do you have to address the issue?

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